2014 in Retrospect – Part 2

New Work Experiences for Synsoft Global


Geo-hash – an interesting concept used in geo-fencing applications.

Probably the single most important functionality around geo-location based mobile apps is finding locations around a particular geo-location. While this happens within a specific context, however what each app requires is fast distance calculation between the specific geo-location and the entire database of other locations it has! Which could be a huge task in itself! The best workaround for this that I found was this interesting concept on geo-hashing, wherein every new location added to the app’s database is first hashed into its square on the world map. These squares are defined with the required accuracy levels, and thereafter it is only a matter of a simple query on this hash that allows us to find all locations around…and at a lightning fast speed! Synsoft implemented this on a Mongo DB database for a mobile app frontend desiring such a search. The Stepin-app uses this search to find data very quickly and efficiently.


Photo-Sharing and Competition building iOS mobile app.

Instagram has been one of the top trending apps in 2014! It was a great working experience for Synsoft’s iOS team to work on a very similar and equally vast application, which in fact has an additional Photo-Competitions feature. This iPhone/iPad app is a photo-sharing social application on which users can share pics, as well as like, comment, Follow and be-friend other app users. Top trending photos and Public and Private one-to-one competitions are the highlight of this app. An interesting Voting feature allows the public to vote for the best pic.


Taxi Hailing Service (Android and iOS)

One of the important milestones in Synsoft’s work history is the development of a full-fledged Taxi-hailing mobile app for the Indian market, with an advanced management Portal. The application is available for both the Android and iOS market and is running successfully. The work is continuously in progress due to feature enhancements. An interesting feature of the app is PUSHING data and for this we needed socket communication. Rather than implementing an entire socket layer, we used a 3rd party service called PubNub, which allows us to push data to connected clients through a pre-subscribed channel. This helped us in communicating in real time to drivers for demands in rides.


A Mobile Stamp-Card App (similar to Deals) using QR code scanning

Towards the end of the year, we got on to an interesting venture of building a Stamp-Card App using Xamarin, wherein customers can collect stamps as rewards at the end of their shopping or spend, and once they have a certain number of Stamps then these can be redeemed through a QR code. Rules govern the distribution as well as redemption of stamps, and can be preset using the administrative module. It is something we are keenly working upon, and will be one of our first deliveries in the New Year!


App using mirroring with Apple TV

While Apple TV usage has matured to a whole new level in the past year, so did its demand on mobile applications. We did a small exciting project in which a mobile application was required to play selected videos, images and some image-transitions, animations on the TV screen, while manipulating them from the mobile app.


A Specialty Golf Scoring App

GOLF, a game that involves complexity in scoring, and for the same reason can do well with an app that would help in calculating the scores. Synsoft did a few apps in this domain, and it was interesting to build a web application that allowed tournament creation, players, and game creations, and then allowed a mobile app to enter scores, while it calculated the results.


Kiosk based Android App

Again a first-timer for Synsoft, the kiosk mode on Android was demanded for a medical application that allowed viewers to search and view videos related to their concern. The apps main feature being the kiosk working, it leads us to dwell much into the details of a kiosk operation.


Task List on IPad developed in Xamarin

One of our initial projects on Xamarin Forms was an iPad Task List manager, to add and maintain tasks that had attributes of weightage and completion time. An interesting gamification module played out incentives to the user to complete tasks in continuity. As Xamarin Forms was a new feature added by Xamarin, Synsoft’s team had to put in considerable study and effort into this project.


A complete multi-brand e-commerce app

It is developed for Android, iOS and Windows with the cross-development platform, Xamarin and with a backend in Node.js & Mongo DB. Towards the end of 2014 we started this vast but interesting work on a SaaS application that had a mobile as well as a web frontend. The mobile development is on Xamarin, and it targeted for Android, iPhone and Windows phones. We look forward to completing this app successfully in 2015!


QA and Technical writing on 3rd party APIs

A fresh venture started by Synsoft is Technical writing. We started off with QA on the API, test driving it in a Test environment, and then used the very same to prepare the Technical write up for it. We have completed a few APIs and continue to work in this field, hoping to do much more on this new frontier in the coming years.

Well, those were a handful of new technologies and different ventures embarked upon in that milestone year! Synsoft hopes to put in the same energy into every problem served, every new endeavor initiated!

…Aptly called The Solutions Provider, Synsoft has much to look forward to in the coming year! It has been a mind-boggling year, where expectations slid more and more towards perfection, and technologies more and more towards enhancements! A constant learning behavior is the crux of Synsoft’s success until now, and that’s what we plan to exploit further.

Hoping to work on Google Cardboard, Smart Watches, and what more?

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