Salesforce Pushes Wearables for the Enterprise

The highly recognized and one of the Top Global Cloud Computing company first announced the initiative to support the development of enterprise apps for wearable devices in June- July with the release of a developer’s pack. At that time, ARM, Fitbit, Google Glass, Pebble, Philips, and Samsung agreed to work together to accelerate the adoption of wearables in the enterprise market.


All of these new devices have different application architectures, UX patterns and data flows. Also, according to Adam Seligman, VP, developer relations, The Wear Developer Pack handles the identity, Secure API access and plumbing necessary to connect the device to the Salesforce1 Platform.


It is expected that these wearables will represent a major productivity driver for enterprises in a variety of applications. The company already has made a number of apps available for wearable devices through its Appexchange marketplace. One such application, ShiftExpert by ClickSoftware, works with Android smartphones to allow employees to automatically clock in and out of work, and then the app incorporates that data into a digital timesheet.


It is no doubt that these wearables may have HUGE Market Potential and Demand and can bring to enterprise IT departments is task-on-time efficiency, a measure of how much time an employee spends focused on a task as opposed to time spent operating or managing the tools used for the task.

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