The Social Hub for All Things Cannabis

Progressive Web Application (PWA) architecture helped us to create a Cannabis marketplace with top class performance and scalability, for the Web as well as Mobile. The PWA provides a native app like experience for the end users without actually being on the mobile app stores. It offers smoother navigation, offline mode and push notifications, and does not use the device storage.

Portfolio Detail

After successfully completing a Cannabis marketplace consisting of a Web frontend, and native Mobile apps, we have now created a similar application built as a PWA. Cannabis apps are difficult to get approved  on the mobile app stores. Progressive Web Applications (PWA) comes to the rescue as it allows users to directly install the app on their home screens from the web.


As a PWA, the application features the following:

  • uses a responsive design, so it works on desktop and mobile.
  • is fast, uses a service worker to pre-cache the app resources (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images), and caches the​ data at runtime to improve performance.
  • is installable on mobiles, using a web app manifest and the beforeinstallprompt event that can notify the user that it is installable.​


The primary domain of the application is to provide a social hub for all things Cannabis. The focus is on the B2C marketplace on which merchants register to sell their products or services and customers can place orders or find services.


The PWA provides a location based search of stores, products, strains, doctors and dispensaries. The search is the lifeline of the PWA as it offers a wide variety of categories and filters to search upon.


The shopping module allows users to buy products and services online. Payment is enabled through Hypur payment gateway. Users can either browse over the Web or launch the app on their mobiles.


More features like Friends, Dating, Events, Favorites, Order History, etc make this complete social app revolving around a common interest.

The Dating module accepts partner preferences like age, gender, etc, and matches corresponding features in other user profiles, to connect the two. Once there is mutual consent, the users can message each other for further communication.


Merchants can add new events with category, venue and time information. These will be seen on the map when any user searches for events of a category.


Administrative Module:

Merchants, Doctors and Dispensaries are added from the Administrative Website with location information. Merchants and Admins both can add products and services with images and other details. Brand Admin and Super Admin web apps can be seen in detail here.

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