Smart & Trendy Websites
WordPress with its abundant availability of themes is a great option for building swank websites.

Easy CMS
WordPress Websites are easy to maintain, coupled with an ease of use, that is critical to any content management tool.

E-Commerce Solutions
Need an e-commerce solution or B2B / B2C website? The WordPress WooCommerce plugin can put your store or catalog online for Web as well as Mobile users, in no time.

Responsive Web Development
Target mobile users to enhance your reach over a wider audience. WordPress facilitates responsive web development for a professional User Experience.

Custom Plugin Development
Enhance your website’s functionalities by adding feature-rich plugins developed by our custom plugin development experts.

WordPress Template Design
Give your website a unique look and feel with our exceptional WordPress template design service.

Affordable Price Offering
Get true ROI on your business with our affordably priced WordPress development services, made distinct by reliability, scalability and robustness

WordPress Multisite
For most businesses, time is money. Therefore, consider switching to WordPress Multisite if you are dealing with multiple websites.


The success of a website depends on quick and accurate content updates and the ability to get fresh information to its visitors and users with minimal time and effort. The WordPress CMS, with its open source system, a great plugin directory, and an efficient dashboard and template framework, is most certainly one of best platforms to build any Website with. It is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL which can handle any size of website, if hosted and configured appropriately.


We offer expert WordPress web development services through our experienced WordPress Team.


Power your Website with Synsoft’s WordPress Development Expertise


 Why CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) puts the power of content in your own hands, without demanding specialized technicians or training. A good CMS is that which allows for easy, effective and quick content management, while enabling high performance websites, mobile friendly designs, and is updated with latest trends and tools. Synsoft offers it’s top of the line CMS services to provide a Website with…

  • Robust, reliable user-friendly CMS solutions
  • Multi-platform support
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Fastest time-to-market


Hire from our CMS Experts Pool, now!


Why WordPress?

WordPress has a simple to use architecture and offers a wide variety of features, templates and customization facility. If leveraged appropriately, it is the fastest tool for website development.

  • Simple yet Powerful
    Simple for the non-technical user, the market is flooded with wordpress plugins and themes that add the power and complexity demanded by more intense websites.
  • Free and Open Source
    WordPress is a free to use, open source, Content Management System and has evolved into the most versatile and powerful CMS development tool.
  • Flexible and Extendable
    Several themes and plugins are available that enables us to use WordPress to create any kind of website from a blog, to an eCommerce website.
  • Highly Customizable
    WordPress’ flexible framework, with available themes and plugins allows easy customization of layouts and applications to satisfy every requirement.
  • Lower Setup and Maintenance Costs
    WordPress is comparatively easy to setup, customize, and maintain, thus incurring a lower cost in comparison to other Open Source CMS like Drupal and Joomla.
  • WordPress is Search Engine Friendly
    By design WordPress is SEO optimized, and we can make it even more SEO friendly by integrating useful WordPress SEO plugins.


  • Build smart data analytics into your website to help enhance visibility and sales
  • Enable easy publishing of news articles, blogs, photo/video galleries, etc
  • Promote web traffic and optimize discovery


WordPress can be your quickest route to an improved customer experience. Contact us today to learn more.




Synsoft has a history of building websites out of diverse complexities and scale. Our vast experience in WordPress development, gives us the acumen to decide the simplest way to implement a feature, without adding unnecessary complexities to it.


WordPress Experts

We have delivered diverse applications like Social Media, Corporate hubs, Blogging sites, eCommerce applications, Booking and Traveling Websites, Job Portals, B2B/B2C websites, and more. For customer centric, eloquent website solutions to power your business, tap into Synsoft’s pool of WordPress experts. Hire Now!


Advance Solutions with WordPress

Building rigorous web solutions out of complex customization of plugins, built upon elite WordPress features, has been routine work for the WordPress team here at Synsoft. Our team holds the experience and expertise to develop WordPress plugins that offer advanced features to fulfill crucial requirements.


Website Enhancement

Synsoft’s WordPress development team can turn your presently static Website into a lively, content driven, easy to use CMS. What’s more, we deliver mobile friendly websites using WordPress theme with Bootstrap. To enhance your Website with the power of a CMS, contact us now!


Pixel Perfect Design

The web is varied, fluid & awe-inspiring and can be viewed from different browsers, diverse screen sizes and varied mobile operating systems and we guarantee that it would look stunning from every angle.


Installation & Configuration

We provide complete installation, deployment and configuration of WordPress and let you use it in its full glory.


Support & Maintenance

In addition to development services, rest assured of comprehensive and quality support and maintenance services from us.


WordPress Migration

If you wish to migrate to WordPress from any CMS, we will make it smooth and hassle-free with our unmatched services.


WordPress Theme Development

Adorn your website with a unique and attractive design with our WordPress Theme development services.


100% Customizable Websites

We use WordPress as an engine for the website. Our experts deliver websites that can be customized to promote your brand and offer a unique experience to your visitors.


Hire WordPress Developers


We offer 6+ years seasoned, WordPress Developers, within your budget

Our Expertise in WordPress development

Having leveraged an enormous feature-base of WordPress themes, templates and plug-ins, and having completed a huge database of WordPress websites of various categories and complexities, Synsoft has by now developed outstanding WordPress skills, demonstrated by its portfolio of work and clientele.


Synsoft’s Unique Contribution to its WordPress solutions

  • Competitive pricing
  • Time-bound throughput,
  • Efficiency in timelines
  • Pixel Perfect testing
  • Efficiency in client communication
  • Innovative, and proven project management methodology,


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WordPress Plugin Development

Besides working on available plugins to extend their support over additional features, we have avidly worked on the development of various WordPress plugins, some of which are listed here…


  • Easy Editor is a rich-text editor featuring inbuilt html elements and predefined styles. It facilitates drag & drop of controls and creates a responsive output.
  • Store locator – used to locate stores on google map.
  • Gallery plugin with varying inbuilt gallery support.
  • User SHARE and LIKE plugin to maintain a count of user “likes” and “dislikes”.
  • Staff management plugin to manage various roles of users.


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