Ionic, Cordova

Why use Ionic ?

High speed development

Low cost solutions

Minimal maintenance

Cross-platform compatibility

Engaging, rich UX

Build once run everywhere

cross-platform mobile applications using ionic


Using Angular with Ionic / Cordova is one of the best choices of technology to build rich and robust mobile applications for all platforms. Ionic enables web developers to build progressive web apps for the mobile using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Angular. Ionic’s use of AngularJS gives developers a powerful SDK for building rich and robust mobile applications.  Ionic builds on top of the Cordova framework. Cordova gives Javascript bindings to invoke native functionality on a mobile device. Basically, Cordova gives access to device specific features. and takes care of packaging the app as a native app that can run in Android, iOS, and other platforms.

A mobile application that relies only on web APIs, theoretically can be developed purely in Ionic.


If you are looking for a PhoneGap, Cordova or Ionic development company, Synsoft Global has the expertise!


We have extensive experience in developing PWAs and are recognized as one of the top Ionic App development company in India. We are focused on understanding the requirements and providing a valuable solution along with an engaging UX. The team’s creativity and innovative abilities are utilized in delivering appealing mobile apps.


What we do?

  • Understand and analyse Client’s requirements and customize solutions.
  • Design Mobile applications to focus on it’s business utility.
  • Maintain a pool of experienced HTML, CSS, JS, and Mobile application developers
  • Combine the expertise of Angular JS and IONIC
  • Focus on creating highly interactive mobile applications
  • Employ hybrid development that includes native functionalities
  • Adhere by best practices in design and development
  • Provide cost effective services from development to deployment.
  • Testing and porting to various platforms
  • Help in the digital marketing of the application


A Committed Team

We maintain high standards of recruitment, and believe in continuous upgrading of our team. So if you want to Hire PWA developers having vast experience in HTML, JavaScript and CSS, you are at the right place.  Or you can also Hire Ionic developers having rich expertise in Angular JS and can leverage from its powerful SDK, for building rich and robust mobile applications.  With a strong foundation in web development and ability to exploit the advantages offered by Ionic, we have delivered rich, interactive, cross-platform mobile apps that are functional and app store ready.


Write to us to Hire the best Ionic Developers for cross-platform Mobile Applications in India

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