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iOS Application Development
Creating high performance, seamless, friction-free apps for iPhones & iPads.

Geo-location based Apps
Building location sensitive mobile Apps that use the device’s GPS and Google APIs

One-Stop Solution
Mobile applications that run on a robust backend in the form of a REST API and a database.

App UX/UI Design
A smartly designed user experience and smooth user interface transforms businesses into success stories.

Hybrid App Solutions
With the power of cross-platform technology we develop iOS Apps as well as Android Apps.

Augmented Reality Apps
Building unparalleled augmented reality experiences using ARKit on iOS

Mobile Gaming
Design fascinating Games for the IPhone.

Mobile commerce is proving to be a boon for business owners

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Synsoft is a forerunner in mobile application development. Our team has delivered quantitative work in the iOS technology stack, for a cross-section of industries. We can help you make the right business decision for your requirement.

Every requirement is unique, and every mobile app, a challenge. The technology used, is the heart of the app. There is quite a choice of technologies that can be used for IPhone application development. Mainly classified as…


Native IPhone technology is the most trusted technology for the development of mobile apps; it being the most demonstrated, and most validated of the lot.

  • XCode is the singular IDE for macOS containing a suite of software development tools for iOS app development.
  • Objective-C is the most widely used programming language used for developing  for the iOS operating system.
  • SWIFT is the newly launched,  multi-paradigm, programming language for iOS mobile apps that has given iOS developers an alternative to Objective-C. So if you are looking for SWIFT programmers for your next iOS app development project, Synsoft is already on board with Swift.


So, if you are inclined towards native ios mobile app development, Synsoft brings you hard-core native expertise, by way of its handsomely experienced, and highly calibered team of Iphone Developers. Here is a bunch of skilled iOS developers, equally comfortable in Objective-C, and in Swift.


More and more online business owners buy customized services from iphone app development India firms as they provide instant and easy access to a variety of iphone development services.



With the advent of Hybrid Mobile App development, developers are able to write once and build on multiple platforms, with minimal additional effort. The applications run on Android and iOS and the code can be reused for progressive web applications.

These cross-platform technologies have come evolved over the recent times, and Synsoft has always been a huge fan. Having dabbled in a variety of such techniques and technologies, we are aware of their tricks and tradeoffs.


We’ve had great results using technologies like Titanium, Ionic, Xamarin and now React Native, which allow us to work with a single code base but build and deploy to multiple platforms, like iOS and Android, saving our clients both time and money.


In order to complement the limitations inherent in any multi-platform technology, Synsoft has the expertise to write custom native plugins that can leverage from the device’s native strength, as needed.


Why Iphone ?

  • Elite Device
    No online businesses can survive without an iphone app, on account of its high usage to sales ratio.
  • Strong Market Competition
    Because of the ever-increasing market competition, service providers evolve to create smarter and stronger iPhone applications.
  • Large Audience
    IPhone has a huge user base worldwide, and your business cannot afford to ignore this.
  • Creating Brand Awareness
    For your business to become a brand, you must have a presence on all mobile platforms including iOS.
  • Easier Access to Services
    Avail customized iphone app development services through easily accessible providers providing instant access to a variety of such services.
  • Ever-growing Market
    The continuous growth curve witnessed by the iphone market over the past decade, underlines the growing importance of iPhone apps.


Synsoft designs and builds convenient, scalable, and maintainable iOS apps.


What makes Synsoft Global THE EVENTUAL SERVICE PROVIDER  for IPhone Application Devleopment?

  • We design and build with an aim to fulfill the requirements with absolute accuracy.
  • Synsoft is a renowned iOS developer, producing error-free and bug-free iOS applications for over 7 years now.
  • The team works under the principle of minimum time and maximum efficiency.
  • Synsoft is an expert in customized mobile app development.
  • Our talented team of ios app developers lives by its reputation of producing pixel perfect apps.
  • Our in-house QA team, accomplishes testing on real devices before deployment, ensuring high-quality deliverables
  • Client satisfaction is our prime goal.
  • We always adhere to best practices.
  • We provide 24*7 support to our clients by the means of email, Skype chat.


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We offer 7+ years seasoned iOS App Developers within your budget


It’s boom time for Mobile Applications and so it follows that there is a roaring demand for Mobile Application development on various platforms. Synsoft Global has an equally vast experience in IPhone Mobile Application Development as it does on other platforms. Iphone development is undoubtedly flourishing, and primarily so due to its mammoth user base. To tap into this prize consumer base, what better idea, than to put out an IPhone app for everything your business delivers!


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Synsoft is a complete mobile app development company, indulging in the design of smart, smooth, user-friendly mobile apps. We fully appreciate the importance of providing end-users with a uniform user-experience across different platforms, and we design our apps with this in mind.


We began with native iOS mobile development in 2010 using Objective-C, XCode for iOS development. Since then, we have unceasingly enriched our workforce adding SWIFT to our platform, to keep pace with the mounting demand. We have a significant cross-section of applications under our wing, and the most common domains of our work can be defined as follows:

  • Social Sharing, Networking
  • Geo-location based Data Discovery
  • Geo-fencing Apps
  • Service Finder Apps
  • Image Processing
  • Business Automation
  • Rosters, Schedulers
  • Ordering, Shopping, eCommerce
  • Data Synchronization
  • Gaming
  • Drawing, Sketching, Designing

Apple’s AppStore has seen an explosion of apps on the marketplace in the past year. Apple’s development tools have kept up with the growing pace of its innovative products and that surely is a reason for the success of the apps at the store.


Native iPhone development marked the onset of mobile development for Synsoft, and we are now pioneers in offshore iPhone development. We understand that Mobile development is characterized with the evolving idiosyncrasies of the underlying technology. Having worked with the iOS sdk from the very beginning, it gives us a deep and uncooked understanding of the environment. We are a hardcore, committed team of iOS App developers, and we follow specifications to the pixel.


Working on Apple devices has given us a special nous into designing the user experience. After all, UX is at the core of it all! It’s the first key run of the app that either wins or loses the user forever. To make that primary experience an exceptional one, Synsoft puts to work the best UX designers in the industry. We understand that it’s not just what meets the eye, but also what meets the tip of the finger! So we try to make… every touch a sensitive one, …every transition a pleasant one, and …every bump a useful one!


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Here is a complete Pet social app that allows users to find other pets (or pet owners) in their vicinity. It enables users to make pet-friends, place comments, post photographs, tag friends in photos, share pet birth dates, and have reminders for the same. The Apple Push Notification System (APNS) is used to notify users of any new activity. It is a complete social networking application surrounding the interests of Pet owners. Includes Facebook sharing, Personal Message Board, Favorites, and Rating.

One of the challenges faced while developing this app was performance, due to the considerable number of images possibly shared. Providing a robust backend and implementing local cache, among other things, helped us overcome the performance issues.


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Synsoft was fortunate to have the opportunity of developing an Instagram-like multifarious photo sharing and social networking app, with a difference. One of the highlights of the application that made it different from Instagram, is that it can host Personal and Public Photography Competitions. Users can place their votes and the winning photograph is felicitated on the home page.

The app offers several image filters and video filters to edit the image or video before posting it. It also allows Image tagging just like facebook. Users can Like and Comment, on Posts. It also has a Follower/Following feature just like Instagram. There are also features like Albums, World Trending, Public and Private Competitions, User Voting, News broadcast.


One of the implementation highlights of this application is that has been used as the Mobile Backend-as-a-Service provider [MBaaS].


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An interesting real-life virtual reality game that shows users in their actual geographical locations on the inbuilt iOS Map and creates a fun combating canvas where user’s within range can be targeted using weapons of choice and available ammunition. The app integrates a stimulatingly interactive user experience. An In-app purchase implementation provides access to the Ammunition shop where users can buy extra ammunition as well as protection devices. The technical high-point of the application is its use of socket programming for peer-to-peer communicate between users, in real time.

The critical part for this app was achieving real time data, without performance lags or delays.


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