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Bringing Advanced JS techniques to Mobile Development

React, launched by Facebook for the web, emerges as React Native for Mobile platforms, redefining mobile technology, bringing on board a developer’s web building capacity onto hybrid mobile application development.

With React Native, developers can reuse most, if not all, of the code between multiple platforms, thus saving vastly on time and cost.

Moreover, React Native outdoes most cross-platform tools in bringing the native mobile user experience into the application.


Why React Native?

  • Open source
  • Visually rich apps, as it is UI focused
  • Reusable code that allows hybrid apps to render natively
  • Rapid development
  • Easily manageable code-base
  • Better utilization of resources
  • Apps run as fast as native apps
  • Compatible with third party plugins

The React Native anthem is “Learn once, write anywhere”. A web application can’t run on a mobile platform as if it was native but the same skill set can be used for targeting different platforms.


Case Study:

We at Synsoft Global, as one of the recognized, react native app development company India recently designed, developed and deployed a map based route-tracking application to the stores. This uses complex mapping features that allow the app to track and save the user’s movement in real time. Also gives a route finder to help find the way back. Our experience with developing this app using React Native was a great learning experience as it was not a simple functionality to develop, especially with the interactions desired on the map. The combined efforts of our expert JavaScript developers along with the help of our very own native mobile team, tamed the learning curve immensely.

And yet, it would be important to add that once developed for the Android, it did demand some customizations and challenges for the iOS platform.


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Best Practices Always

Apart from our experience in building React applications we stick to our engineering traditions of delivering nothing but the best. By leveraging from our team of talented React developers, dedicated QA team and project managers, and by abiding by simple preset processes and documentation guidelines, we promise to convert your concept into a genuine product, in minimum time and effort with react native app development services.

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