React Native

Why Use React Native?

Rapid Application Dev
Roll out apps for all platforms in a single effort, as most of the code is reusable across iOS and Android.

Intuitive UX and Clean UI
Animations and transitions are perfect and look natural. It offers a more responsive UI and loads lightning fast.

Optimal Performance
Being well tuned to mobile’s native code, React Native is a real asset when it comes to improving performances.

Community Driven
Availability of a huge team of developers and freely available components that ease and speed up development.

Open Source
Free to use, the React technology provides a vibrant eco-system, great support, and excellent documentation.

Modular Architecture
React’s modular nature makes it easy to understand, maintain and to upgrade

Simultaneously release
Reach the entire customer base whether on iOS or Android, at the same time.

Live Reload
See code changes reflected instantly in the output. This hugely speeds up development.

Bringing Advanced JavaScript to Mobile Development

React Native for cross-platform Mobile app development, redefines mobile technology, bringing a Web developer’s JavaScript expertise to mobile application development.


With React Native, developers can reuse most, if not all, of the code between multiple platforms, leading to huge saving in time and cost. Moreover, React Native outdoes most cross-platform tools in bringing the native mobile user experience to the application.


The React Native anthem is “Learn once, write anywhere”. A web application cannot run on a mobile platform as if it were native, but the same skill set can be used for targeting mobile platforms.


Why Us?

Synsoft Global, is a recognized React Native app development company in India. We have under our portfolio apps like a geo-tracking application, a complete fitness app for trainers and trainees, a fleet management system, and more.

Our challenge with React Native began as a great learning experience for our native mobile team, as it was supplemented by the efforts of our already experienced JavaScript and TypeScript developers. That is precisely the reason behind the rapid adaptation of React Technologies globally… its tryst with JavaScript!


Some of the libraries we have used in our development…

  • Redux
  • Flux
  • React Saga
  • React Router
  • Lodash, etc…

Ensuring Best Practices Always

Apart from our experience in building React applications we stick to our engineering traditions of delivering nothing but the best quality code, for which we follow certain practices…

  • ESLint For Code Quality
  • Enzyme / Jest For Testing
  • Git As Code Repository
  • Circle CI For Continuous Integration

By leveraging from our team of talented React developers, dedicated QA team and project managers, and by abiding by simple preset processes and documentation guidelines, we promise to convert your concept into a genuine product, in minimum time and effort with react native app development services.


Synsoft Global is one of the Top React Native App Development Company India


Full Stack Development


No doubt React brings a lot to the table as far as mobile development is concerned. But most often mobile applications are dependent on their back-ends. Having a robust back-end is the strength of any mobile application. We, being a full-stack development company provide complete solutions that include database, back-end (API), front-end (mobile & web) and UI Design. We suggest full stack JavaScript technology to be used with a Node.JS back-end working upon a MongoDb or MySql db and serves a React Native mobile app and a React JS web app.


If our full-stack solution appeals to you, do contact us and we will help drive your idea to the market as the best react native app development company India.


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