VOIP Software Testing

Going Bug Free!


VOIP QA plays a key role in the roll-out of next generation voice communications.

Synsoft Global is one of the major providers of VOIP Software Testing Services.


At Synsoft, we provide software and appliance offerings to test manage and monitor networked systems. Our QA VOIP based software team provides solutions for testing systems, networks and applications. Network products provide solutions for analyzing, troubleshooting, testing and monitoring networks. Monitoring Products, monitor and alert us about the server and network resources and outages. Several of the monitoring solutions we offer also provide components to discover networked assets and help document and map those hardware and software resources. The Job Scheduling solutions we offer provide cross platform scheduling capabilities among diverse distributed systems.


We are engaged in black-box testing of the following:

  • Audio Quality: To test the audio quality of voice transfer during calls against set standards.
  • Video Quality: To test the video output of the products in order to ensure good quality of video transfer.
  • Traffic Flow: To monitor the flow of traffic in order to ensure the use of proper protocols during the flow of traffic.
  • Basic User-Interface: User-interface is the major part of an application that communicates with the user. Our role is to test the products to ensure user-friendliness and ease-of-use.
  • Media Recording: The products are tested to ensure that the files transferred from one user to another are properly sent and received without any damage on the other side.
  • Zero Configurations: To test products to determine the basic system requirements for using them.
  • USB Integration: To test products to determine which USB based peripherals can be integrated with the product.
  • Voicemail: To test products to ensure proper recording, saving and playback of voice mails.
  • Hibernation: Products are tested to determine their Hibernation and Standby times.
  • Transfer & Conference: To test products to determine how users can transfer calls & conduct conferences.
  • Stress Testing: To test products to determine their tolerance to traffic and long-time usage.
  • Instant Messenger: To test the built-in Instant messengers to determine if they work as desired.
  • Behaviour behind different firewalls: Each of the product is tested in order to determine their behavior when used behind different firewalls.


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