AngularJS & Angular


Sophisticated, fast-running websites built as Single Page Applications, using Angular in the frontend.

High-Performance Websites
Employing Angular to bring performance into web frontends as it facilitates instant data updates.

Rapid Development
Backend can focus on API development which can then be consumed across mobile platforms too

Dynamic, Interactive frontends
Supports complex user interactions for building highly interactive frontends

Interactive charting and graphical representations
D3.js works beautifully with Angular to bring interactive data charts into your websites

Angular to build large Web Applications
We build scalable user components with re-usability across an application

Whether simple portals or complex enterprise solutions, Real-Time Solutions or Data Streaming Appswe develop reliable and scalable applications for your business needs, using our Angular expertise!


Synsoft’s expertise in latest technologies & trends guarantees in keeping client businesses ahead of their competitors.


Why choose Synsoft for Angular?

  • Deep and intense understanding of the technology
    Entrust us with Web development of feature-packed and high performance online storefronts.
  • Strict adherence to best practices
    Building niche websites that carry our mark of excellence and give your business scalability and value.
  • Rich experience
    Expert AngularJS website development at its best as our experience helps us understand all your requirements.
  • Quality Code and Quality Delivery 
    Corporate web solutions demand a high level of testing. We build robust and secure websites.
  • Speedy solutions due to re-usability of our extensive knowledge base.
    We are masters in AngularJS and our extensive knowledge base boosts throughput.
  • Always-On-Time delivery
    perfect solution also means a timely delivery.
  • A Reputation of delivering outstanding products
    You can expect unmatched ANGULARJS expertise, providing an excellent Web presence for your business. 
  • Incredibly efficient Angularjs development services
    We understand that performance is the key issue in database driven websites.


Hire expert AngularJS development company in India. We at Synsoft Global take care of all your requirements on first priority.


Why Angular?

  • Facilitates an overwhelming and dynamic user experience
  • Ease in development means savings in cost
  • Amazing hi-end web applications with simple operational capacity.
  • Is dependable, and scalable and brings forth the benefits of using a futuristic technology
  • Has simple code structures.
  • Web site, application and software development of all sizes, and simply scalable.
  • Dynamic and versatile application development, with sophisticated elements.
  • AngularJS Web Application Development gives some remarkably efficient features that cannot be attained with any other programming.
  • AngularJS is a booster for HTML.
  • AngularJS programming has a large variety of features and extensions that work on a multitude of platforms.
  • It’s unit testing setup attempts to ensure zero defects with minimum time usage into AngularJS development solutions.
  • Ideal for large-scale projects like community creation and job boards.


Hire expert ANGULARJS Website Development Company in India today and enjoy peace of mind.


Technical perspective

  • MVC based framework for client-side programming.
  • Open source framework.
  • For easier component-based development.
  • Two-way data binding and synchronization with MODEL and DOM.
  • Enhanced Testability.
  • Less code to write, less development time.
  • Reusable HTML components.
  • REST-friendly.
  • Increases the usability of existing JS team, and benefits from their experience

100% Satisfaction Guarantee with e-Commerce projects

Having in-depth know-how in Angularjs, our experts deliver world-class js based solutions, ensuring maximum complacency for E-commerce Application Development


Speedy Data Processing & Interactive Real-Time Apps

We help our customers get the maximum benefits of AngularJS, by integrating client-side data crunching and visualization that enable high-performance websites and apps.  


Proven Methodologies & Power of MVVM and MVC

We have vast understanding & a high proficiency in working with a variety of domains, that enables us to employ the best business practices as well as proven methodologies.


Rapid Development and AngularJS 4 Consulting

With existing JS coding skills, ANGULARJS proves to be fast and effective internet language for web development. Our passionate programmers make effectual use of this HTML-embedded language to create state-of-the-art sites and web applications with optimal performance.

Angular 4 enables us to build web pages rapidly through short coding cycles.

With Angular’s Unit Testing setup, we are able to capture bugs faster.

This ultimately reduces the overall development time and therefore decreases the cost.


Instant Technical Support

You are free to contact us via our diverse communication channels that connect you with the right team of technical experts, to reduce sophistication & boost productivity.


We’ve Got Fastest AngularJS, Ember, Backbone and Node.JS Web Programmers on Team for custom web app development.


Developing with AngularJS and Angular 2 has been an absolute joy for us, here at Synsoft Global. Our expert AngularJS website development experience began with a web and mobile Restaurant Discovery application that enables users to search for the best rates restaurants and trending food joints in a city of their choice. With advanced search filters, fast searches, sliding menus, and a host of other interactive features, Angular enabled us to get performance and rich UX to the forefront.


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