ASP.Net Development

.Net Development Services

Web Development Services
Creating large-scale web apps with ASP.Net flavors such as ASP.Net 4.5, ASP.Net MVC 4, and ASP.Net Core.

High-performance websites
ASP.Net / C# / SQL Server, for scalable, robust, high-speed websites

web services
ASP.Net Web API to build secure backends that serve various frontends like Angular, React or Mobile apps.

dynamic content-driven websites
Modern, responsive Websites driven in speed and performance by ASP.NET

Cloud Computing
Leverage from Azure Cloud services, Azure Mobile Services, Azure Web Apps, Blob storage.

Rich Desktop Applications
Rich GUI client applications using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Rapid Application Dev
ASP.NET drastically reduces the development time required to build large applications

.NET Application Migration
Legacy Application migration and modernization into the latest .Net framework

Web Applications in ASP.NET MVC, C#


For optimum .NET solutions that meet your strategic goals at competitive pricing, we have a resource bank of proficient technology architects, designers and developers.


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The .NET Framework, with its powerful programming model and extensive framework, enables us to create business solutions that work just the way we want. Be it the public and private cloud or client devices such as desktops and smartphones, .NET development can help create the most appropriate solution for your business context.


Some Benefits of Application Development with ASP.Net

  • The High speed of development.
    Large web applications definitely appreciate this framework because it gives a very strong development model that glaringly reduces the coding time and lines of code. The performance comes as a result of several factors like native optimization, early binding, caching services, just-in-time compilation, etc.
  • Secure and Robust
    With built-in windows authentication with ASP.Net the application is more secure.
  • Asp.Net is a purely server-side technology. The code is processed on the windows server before it is sent to the web browser. Hence, applications render faster than interpreted scripts.
  • It supports multiple programming languages like C#, J#, VB, so we can choose as per availability and suitability.
  • Increased productivity, Reliability, Security.
  • Visual Studio – a strong IDE environment provides an efficient and fast development environment.
  • Easy Deployment
  • Consistent programming model.
  • Direct support for security.
  • Simplified and scalable development effort.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Talent availability.
  • Offers horizontal scalability.


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Reliable ASP.Net Application Development Company

  • Get Experienced teams and achieve superior Time to Market & Time to service record.
  • 100% clean track record and source code protection.
  • Scalable infrastructure support for your growth needs.
  • Flexible engagement models – fixed cost, full-time hiring, part-time hiring, developer by hour.
  • Cost leadership & superior ROI for your IT initiatives.
  • In Short – “Your IT partner for sustainable growth”.


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Why Synsoft?

Happy Customers
We continue to delight our valuable clients with our expert .NET development services.


We make outsourcing valuable!
Strategizing customized Web solutions to achieve the anticipated goal line in the simplest possible way.


Agile Software Dev Team

With the agile development approach we replace long, cumbersome cycles with easy and simple phases.


Creative yet effective approach

We deliver feature-reach applications and effective web solutions born out of creativity.


Customised Software Solutions

Delivering tailor-made .NET solutions, rich in quality, functionality and experience, with a focus on providing personalized experience to our clients.


Top-notch Communication

We believe that the success of any endeavour relies on the communication between the two parties. We therefore allot a fluent communicator as a dedicated point-of-contact for each project.


Trusted and Reliable Technology

We believe that technology leveraged by best practices in Architecture, Design and Implementation, delivers trust and success.


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Our Work

Synsoft reserves the top spot as a ASP.NET development company worldwide and has been recognized by leading research and ranking firms. We began as a core ASP.Net web development company, beginning with version 1.0 in 2002. Today we develop and deliver comprehensive solutions utilizing the full power of the Net Framework.


Our vast experience includes WebForms, MVC, Core, Web API, WCF Services, WPF, Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio, TFS, etc. Our expertise also includes proficiency in SQL Server, SSRS, SQL Agent Services, SQL Management Studio.


Synsoft’s .Net experience encompasses applications in verticals like Health, Finance, Education, Enterprise, Fitness, Office Management, eCommerce, CMS, and more.


Our work in .Net has mostly involved building complex, real-time applications, SaaS-based applications, etc. We have a domain expertise in Food Ordering portals, SaaS-based portals, Financial applications, Web APIs and Administrative Dashboards, Data Interpretation and Data Visualization. We have also worked with Sencha in the same domain. While we have also touched some CMS frameworks like Umbraco and DNN, our main area of expertise today lies in MVC. We have an interesting Portfolio under .Net, that gives an idea of the kind of work we have completed.


On the Azure platform, our work includes some Web based Games exposed in HTML5 with a backend on Azure, we have also created Azure Push Notification Services, and Azure Mobile Services.


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