MongoDB, Couchbase

Lightening fast data!


MONGODB… a part of the MEAN stack…

Classified as a NoSql database, MongoDB eschews the traditional table-based relational database structure in favor of JSON-like documents with dynamic schema. The primary advantage of such a database is LIGHTNING FAST access to data.


Synsoft has rich experience in MongoDb

Synsoft has used MongoDb in several projects now, especially where demand on performance was high. With one such requirement was a geo-fencing application wherein the challenge was achieving high speed in finding places closest to a location. While a Geo-hashing algorithm was used to hash the location data and save it into a MongoDb collection, thereafter finding locations-near-by was a breeze!


More recently we have been working on porting a php/MySql location-search web site to a Node.JS/MongoDb web and mobile app. Following this change, we have seen an inspiring enhancement in the website’s performance and as a result also in the user experience it delivers.

MongoDb has become a database of choice in most of our projects now. Our most recent use of MongoDb is in a image and video sharing mobile app that places a high demand on performance. Our obvious choice for fast data access was MongoDb.


It’s a generation of the “super-fast”, “no patience”, “instant ware”!

So where there is a demand on speed, we suggest the judicious use of MongoDb. And to get the best out of it, we can use Node.js for the data access and business layer.



Couchbase is a free-form, NoSQL document-oriented database. It is dedicated to deliver low-latency data management for extensive web, mobile, and IoT applications. It structures a typically fast key-value store with managed cache for sub-millisecond data operations, and a powerful query engine.

Couchbase Lite for Mobile and Internet-of-things, runs natively on devices and uses a sync gateway to communicate with the Couchbase server that securely synchronizes data between the mobile device and the cloud, thus making it a breeze for cloud driven apps to access data across multiple user devices.

Synsoft has recently worked on Couchbase Lite, in a Xamarin based mobile app, to accomplish data synchronization between a book reader gadget and multiple other user devices like smart phones and tablets. With a large user base, the data synchronization which would otherwise have been a mammoth task, was very easily achieved using Couchbase.

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