JavaScript Everywhere!



“JavaScript everywhere” is the new mantra for the web! Node.js, being a platform for building server side and networking applications, was basically built with a goal of enabling web sites with push capabilities.

Synsoft first used Node.js with a supporting php backend, way back in 2013 for an online, multi-player interactive Ping-Pong game implementation, where it formed the networking layer from player to player through the server. The underlying was used to communicate the payload across the network, and our challenge was to enhance performance in order to minimize latency.

Thereafter we used some Node.js frameworks like Express and Sails with which we started working in 2014. We also conducted an exhaustive training session involving complex Node.js with Mongo DB sessions. This training helped the existing team in enhancing their strengths in Node.js and we found ourselves taking on projects of considerable size almost immediately. Developing a chat server was one of the most interesting and yet most common utilities of a NodeJS Development Company. One of the major projects we worked on was a multi-Brand eCommerce application based on the SaaS model. We now use Node.js and MongoDb in our in-house development as well as in client requirements.


Websites topped with Performance

When we are looking for high-performance, information-based, real time web applications, its Node.js and MongoDb we must think of. They serves performance and efficiency with such ease and generosity, that we developers can simply relish it. And yet, we must know the idiosyncrasies involved!

We have in our portfolio a website displaying smooth, seamless UX exploiting the agility of the web through its fluid performance. All this, using Node js and MongoDb in the backend, and the state-of-the-art Angular Js for a most lively frontend!