Node Js offers unprecedented support for Web Applications with Real-time, two-way connections

FULL STACK javascript
The MEAN/MERN stack enables using a single language environment for developing web apps.

multi-user (chat) applications
Building lightweight, high traffic, data-intensive applications that run across distributed devices

Exposing data through REST APIs for clients like Angular, React or Mobile to consume.

Real time stats
For dashboards that monitor user-activity, or track stock prices, in real time

network applications
High throughput, scalable applications using Node’s non-blocking nature

Hire Expert NODE.JS Developers!

A specialist Node.js Web & Mobile Application Development company, Synsoft Global is a leading service provider in the MEAN stack and the MERN stack.


High-Performance websites with Node.JS and MongoDB backend.


Websites topped with Performance

Looking for high-performance, information-based, real-time web applications? Node’s non-blocking, event-driven I/O helps create lightweight applications that remain efficient even in the face of data-intensive real-time applications running across distributed devices.


Synsoft has the expertise of using Node.js to develop smooth, seamless web experiences. All this, using Node.js and MongoDb in the backend, and Angular or React.js for a most lively frontend!

Why Node.Js?

  • Server-side JavaScript programming
  • Event-driven architecture
  • Non-blocking I/O
  • Facilitates high performing, scalable applications
  • Easy availability of built-in libraries
  • Open-source technology
  • Cross-platform framework
  • Great for real-time applications
  • Node.js is a high-performance, JavaScript framework to develop server-side applications.
  • With close to 60,000 npm modules, one can imagine the kind of facilitation, and control available.


Power your web and mobile apps with high-performance Node.JS and MongoDb backend


Why Synsoft for Node.Js ?

  • Full-stack Development Team
    Our expert MEAN and MERN stack teams, with the added QA expertise to give you a one-stop complete solution.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    Highly experienced NodeJs web development company, delivering world-class JS solutions, ensuring utmost complacency in Application Development.
  • Agile Development Process
    We advocate agile development as this iterative and incremental development process keeps us in seamless sync with our client, as also helps in the gradual visualization of the emerging product.
  • Code Re-usability
    Having done Node.js development for long years now, we have built a valuable, and strong code base that enables speedy and robust development.
  • Best-Practices in Development
    Our principle to follow programming best-practices and our deep knowledge in JavaScript Internals, helps us to reap maximum benefits of Node Js.
  • Client First Approach
    We maintain a client-centric approach in our efforts to fulfill every client’s unique requisites and specifications.
  • Pocket-Friendly Development
    Our services can be considered as affordable and within the budget. We keep in mind the value of money for our clients.
  • Instant Technical Support
    You are free to contact us via our diverse communication channels that connect you with the right team of technical experts.
  • Latest Development Trends
    Our dedicated Node.JS Programmers keep themselves abreast with the most current development trends and methodologies.


Hire Expert Nodejs Development Company


We offer 7+ years seasoned Node Js Developers within your budget

Node.js is being advocated as a perfect technology partner by software architects. Synsoft’s Node.js developers hold expertise in providing Node.js backend development coupled with web and mobile frontend development. Our technical expertise dwells on providing complete solutions. With teams proficient in No-Sql databases like MongoDb, in web technologies like Node js, Angular and React JS, and in mobile technologies for the Android and iOS, Synsoft can be your complete software development provider.


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If you are looking for customer-centric engagement of full-stack developers, then Synsoft is the right place. Latest development strategies and proven methodologies complement our high-quality service offerings. We ensure predictability and consistency in our services.


Hire MEAN stack developers today and get dedicated development services


Synsoft’s long-standing and established reputation in the MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.JS) and the MERN Stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, React.js, Node.js), is not just a result of being at the right place at the right time, but mainly an outcome of hard work, and continued passion in these JavaScript frameworks.


Custom Application development using Node.js


One Stop Solutions for Node JS App Development Services…

Does your business demand a complete e-solution?
Would you prefer concentrating on your business and leave the complete solution to us?
Would you prefer to hire a single team, rather than multiple service providers?
Are you looking for a team with full-stack development expertise?
Why manage multiple teams? Throw all the responsibility into our bucket, as we guarantee satisfaction!


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Usage of Node.js

“JavaScript everywhere” is the new mantra for the web! Node.js, being a platform for building server side and networking applications, was basically built with a goal of enabling web sites with push capabilities.

Synsoft first used Node.js with a supporting php backend, way back in 2013 for an online, multi-player interactive Ping-Pong game implementation, where it formed the networking layer from player to player through the server. The underlying was used to communicate the payload across the network, and our challenge was to enhance performance in order to minimize latency.

Thereafter we used some Node.js frameworks like Express and Sails with which we started working in 2014. We also conducted an exhaustive training session involving complex Node.js with Mongo DB sessions. This training helped the existing team in enhancing their strengths in Node.js and we found ourselves taking on projects of considerable size almost immediately. Developing a chat server is one of the most interesting and yet most common activities of a NodeJS Web Development Company. One of the major projects we worked on was a multi-Brand eCommerce application based on the SaaS model. We now use Node.js and MongoDb in most client requirements.

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