PHP Web Development


Building Dynamic Websites
PHP is the most widely used language for developing dynamic websites

PHP based CMS Development
Using PHP & MySql to build powerful Content Management Systems

E-commerce Apps
Feature-packed, high performance, online storefronts using PHP frameworks.

PHP Frameworks
Experienced web development using CodeIgniter, Laravel, Magento

Data Driven Websites
Integrating with MySql to create high performance data-driven websites.

Corporate Websites
Providing a robust and secure online presence to businesses around the world

Building customized websites using the LAMP stack

Customer Engagement
A comprehensive, online communication platform for your customers

Customized Web Applications in PHP, MySql


Synsoft, has evolved into a top-level PHP web development company, offering a wide range of high-quality development services in various PHP frameworks.


Websites play a vital role in engaging businesses for an organization. PHP is a widely-used open-source, general-purpose language that is especially suited for creating dynamic and interactive websites. Therefore, today a large fraction of web programmers are using PHP for customized web development solutions for creating fully functional online portals. Popular websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, Flickr, MailChimp use PHP as their core language.


Power your Website with Synsoft’s PHP Development Expertise


Custom PHP Web Development That Will Change Your Business

Are websites a must-have for all businesses? Few would challenge the fact that websites play a very important role in determining the success of a brand or service. For customized and feature-rich business websites HIRE our PHP developers. Read about the benefits that customised PHP development can bring to your website…


Benefits of Customised development


Customer-Centric Design and Approach
Our PHP developers can design customer-centric websites with a view on the end-user demographics. This brings a uniqueness to the end user experience, and helps to engage better.


Creating your Brand and Identity

Customized development comes closest to creating brand identity and helps recreate the unique character of your business.


Accurate and High-Performance Websites

Being designed and tailor-made in view of the exact requirements and target audience, without any limitations or work arounds, the output is ensured to be exactly as desired and high performing.


Ranking well in search engines

Customised development certainly helps the website to be more relevant and realistic to the requirement, and is naturally listed higher on search results.


Unique User Experience and Visual design
PHP is considered as the most flexible and powerful web development platform which can accommodate all business expansions efficiently. Custom web design is highly suitable for creating websites that clearly represent and fulfil the uniqueness of the brand of your business.


Search Engine Friendly It is highly believed that custom websites are SEO friendly. The additional benefit of custom website design – is that it allows the website to be optimized for search engines. Such websites become well suited for online marketing; hence, they can climb upwards in search engines far ahead of generic free sites.


We offer 6+ years seasoned, PHP Developers, within your budget


PHP Frameworks


CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications.


Why CodeIgniter?


Framework with a small footprint

CodeIgniter is a very lightweight framework


Exceptional performance

CodeIgniter consistently outperforms most of its competitors.


Simple solutions over complexity

CodeIgniter encourages MVC, but does not force it on you.


Strong Security

With built-in protection against CSRF and XSS attacks.


Hire Expert CodeIgniter Developers



Being one of the best open-source PHP based web app frameworks, Laravel development is quicker and blessed with MVC architectural pattern. Laravel has been the preferred framework for the development of rich quality websites and complex web applications. This framework is known for high performing and creative web apps.


Check the benefits of selecting Laravel for your web solution…


Why Laravel ?

  •    Simple & Powerful PHP Framework for small & large scale solutions
  •    Easy, ready to use API support that makes for rapid development
  •    Great Developer community support
  •    Simple deployment criteria and easy maintenance
  •    Built in tools for advanced security


Hire Laravel Developers


Why Synsoft?

Synsoft has worked on the LAMP stack for more than a decade now, and apart from core PHP, we have used several frameworks and CMS Engines like WordPress, Magento, Zend, CodeIgniter and Laravel.


Our vast domain expertise with PHP extends from small personal websites, to complex eCommerce and bidding websites, from performance demanding mobile backends, to complex administrative and enterprise applications, and also includes experience in chat servers and scheduling algorithms. Over time we have learnt to produce robust, scalable and high performance websites, giving us the reputation we enjoy.


Re-usability in Development

The years of work has taught us that the cost, speed and stability of a deliverable is of primary importance. All these factors are hugely benefited if we have pre-tested code snippets that can easily be reused in situations that are common across many applications. This saves us time, cost and brings in tested, stable code wherever possible. Synsoft’s expert PHP web developers have learnt to use their time efficiently so as to structure and prepare code libraries that are easily accessible and reusable, and they also take time out regularly to make sure that the new entrants of the team understand this and leverage from it.



Synsoft has a history of building websites out of diverse complexities and scale. Our vast experience in PHP development, gives us the acumen to decide the simplest way to implement a feature, without adding unnecessary complexities to it.


PHP Experts

We have delivered diverse applications like Social Media, Corporate hubs, Blogging sites, eCommerce applications, Travel and Booking Websites, Job Portals, B2B/B2C websites, and more. For customer-centric, eloquent website solutions to power your business, tap into Synsoft’s pool of PHP experts.


Website Enhancement

Synsoft’s PHP development team can turn your presently static Website into a lively, content-driven, easy to use, mobile friendly CMS. To enhance your Website with the power of a CMS, contact us now!


Pixel Perfect Design

The web is varied, fluid & awe-inspiring and can be viewed from different browsers, diverse screen sizes and varied mobile operating systems and we guarantee that it would look stunning from every angle.


Support & Maintenance

In addition to development services, rest assured of comprehensive and quality support and maintenance services from us.

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