Progressive Web Apps

Why PWA ?

Platform Independent
PWAs work seamlessly on the Mobile and the Web.

Mobile First Design
Reap the benefits of the mobile-web along with native app UX.

Save on Cost
Single development effort for mobile and web.

Works Offline Too
Leverage from the added advantage of offline browsing.

Enhanced Load Time
PWA loads much faster compared to responsive web apps.

Great for SEO!
Google’s mobile-first indexing is favorable for PWAs, boosting it’s searchability.

Progressive Web App or PWA is developed with standard web technologies topped with latest JavaScript features. So PWAs can be developed in Angular, Vue, Ionic or React and can consume any API in the backend.  With such a combination, we can create ultra-fast pages that enhance user experience, improve engagement, and increase conversion rates.


Do you need an eCommerce solution that would work beautifully on the web and the mobile? Send us an email.


PWAs take care of the shortcomings that responsive web pages faced when compared to native mobile apps. They can be launched from mobile home screens just like native Android or iOS apps. 


No more App-Store Rejections

Why worry about the app stores when PWAs enable single click deployment on any device. 


No Updates Required

Being a web application, the app will always show the latest website and it eliminates the need for an implicit app update.


See why we converted a Mobile App idea into a PWA.  


Frontend JavaScript platforms continue to gain importance as they provide developers the freedom to weave a rich user experience into a web application. The increased demand on the React framework apart from the fact that it has brought life to the web, is also motivated by the increasing demand on mobile-first design. Building PWAs using React proves especially useful in this model.


Angular with Ionic and Cordova provides an even more mobile friendly environment. Read more about it here.


Why Synsoft

Having mastered JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular and Vue, and hybrid technologies like Ionic and Cordova, Synsoft has successfully brought several concepts to the market carrying its mark of excellence. With our experience and adherence to best practices we build niche solutions that can give your business scalability and value.


Instant Technical Support
You are free to contact us via our diverse communication channels that connect you with the right team of technical experts, to reduce sophistication & boost productivity.


See what our client has to say…

We’ve been trying to put together a mobile application for my business, and continuous rejections from the app stores was highly discouraging. I am happy to say we finally hired the team at Synsoft, who recommended we work on building a PWA which not only gave us the experience of a native mobile app but more importantly took away the dependency on app-stores! I highly recommend their service! 

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