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Managing inventory is a critical component to the Retail Industry. Improve inventory control and projection by using tools to analyze sales trends and on-hand inventory.
Online retail and a successful delivery system seldom go without an online goods-tracking system. This feature tracks a package through various stages of its delivery.
Promotional pricing is an important strategy used by retailers to promote sales and this feature is a part of most successful online eCommerce providers.
Sales charts based on accurate data and insightful analytics can help businesses take informed decisions into how it should manage its workforce, cash flow, and resources.
Managing all modes of payments, billing, refunds, through ledgers based on transactions of purchase, returns, payments, and adjustments.
Managing the movement of materials after sales, back from the consumer destination to the point of manufacture or distribution center to best capture its value for re-distribution.
Virtual warehouse (VW) is a business model that uses Information technology and real time decision algorithms to reduce costs by providing operating efficiencies and global inventory visibility.
Online Ratings and Reviews are a critical part of online retailing as they make a huge difference in the choice consumers make before selecting a brand or retailer.


  • Inventory Management
  • Real-time Order tracking
  • Pricing & Promotions
  • Sales Charts and Predictions
  • Billing, Payments & Refunds
  • Reverse Logistics (Returns/ Refunds)
  • Virtual Warehousing & Storage Management
  • Rating & Reviews


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eCommerce that helps Businesses go global by breaking the barriers of physical presence.

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Point of Sales Systems

Order processing, Billing, Sales monitoring, Inventory, Loyalty programs, and even Employee management.

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M-Commerce for Retail

Mobile commerce is a fast-evolving trend that brings buy and sale of products to the smartphone.

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