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Synsoft Global is a provider of customized software development services. Within a highly competitive environment, we work towards enabling client businesses to meet market challenges. Our technically variegated team offers professional web development services in a wide range of industry verticals, and are known to have given customer focused, complete IT solutions capable of catalysing growth in any business.


At Synsoft, we offer affordable, high quality services and have strived to earn a great deal of satisfaction through our work. Our diverse areas of expertize thrive equally on our diverse resource pool. So while our web designers with professional web development services would focus on user appeal, UX, ease-of-access and usability of the application, our mobile application team would aim at using minimum resources, while maximizing on performance and time-to-market. For each IT challenge our software developers have significant experience that perfectly complements the customer’s unique requirements.


Services at a Glance

  • UX and UI Designing
  • Web Application Development Services
  • Mobile Applications Development
  • CMS Customization
  • Interactive Web Designing
  • Rich Desktop Applications
  • Software Testing Services
  • VoIP Testing Services
  • Internet Marketing Services

Offshore Consultancy Services

The future of any industry depends on the quality of consultancy it receives to run the business! The vigorous growth of both the information technology and business management industries finds its roots in these successful consultancy clients.


We understand the difficulties in your business and use a systematic, analytical approach to recommend practically appropriate plans.


Beginning by gathering the customer´s needs, then assimilating these requirements into systematic information, identifying a fitting technology for the business and finally implementing it in a practical, cost-effective manner, defines our simple approach. Synsoft´s USP is that even our top management professionals get directly involved in delivering a more quality product and thus customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed.


We provide,

  • Technology consulting
  • Process consulting
  • Business consulting
  • Quality consulting

Offshore Technology Services

  • Application Development and Integration: Service line offered by Synsoft solves critical business and technology problems by developing custom software with professional web development services.
  • Business Information Management: Synsoft combines expertise in business intelligence and information management, with the business consulting and transformational capabilities to help organizations leap beyond management information and create a “smarter enterprise”.
  • Software Quality Management and Testing Services: Synsoft takes a strategic approach to quality management, helping you improve business agility while reducing costs, and business and technical risks. We work with you to optimize your existing IT investments, integrate new approaches and address quality from a business perspective.

Outsourcing Services to India

CIOs around the world must demonstrate how IT can help their company achieve its business objectives. One common challenge is to make the transition from systems-centric, cost-based IT to capitalize on the advantages of value-based IT. Synsoft´s Software Outsourcing services provide IT solutions that support organizational needs, enabling you to minimize costs, improve efficiency and create a competitive advantage.

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