Smart City Solutions

iot based smart solutions for every city


Using IoT devices to gather real-time traffic information to analyze and use it for improving traffic and route management.
Location and Time-based search for various public utility services like local transport, toilets, hospitals, government offices, etc.
Making the city’s roads, services, places of interest, etc., accessible, and easy to navigate.
Speed monitoring devices and their integration with monitoring dashboards for instant addressal of breaches.
Automatic parking ticket generation and auto-payment facility based on time and location.
Automating bill generation and payment for various public utility services so that citizens can pay online.


  • Traffic Analytics
  • Public Utility Services Search
  • Maps & Navigation
  • IOT based Speed Monitoring
  • Ticket Generation
  • Online Bill Payments

Smart City Solutions USE CASES

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Parking Finder & Booking

Apps that map a city’s parking lots and help customers find and book spots.

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Auto-Tolling Apps

Integrating with automatized tolling devices to calculate and auto-pay tolls on the go.

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Enforcement Apps

Automizing detection of parking breach and generating of tickets for enforcement personnel.

So Far

With a demonstrated history of success, we pride ourselves in offering valuable digital solutions for over a decade. Our time-proven processes in remote and offshore working has earned us clients and projects from around the world. Seamless communication practices and effective modes of information exchange have played a critical role in our success.

We began with Web technologies & Mobility and progressed into Cross-platform development, Hybrid technologies, Frontend stacks, Cloud solutions, and DevOps. Recently we have diversified into Blockchain, IoT and Data.

Inspired by challenging ideas and evolving technology stacks and driven by our passion for creating innovative solutions as a mobile and website development company, we continue to move forward with empathy and enthusiasm whilst providing excellence in services!


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