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The JavaScript-based, React Native framework allows us to develop an application once and be able to run it on both the iOS and Android mobile platforms. This time-saving, cost-efficient mobile development platform also comes with a set of ready-to-use components that not only speeds up work but also makes it more efficient and robust. Originally invented by Facebook, it’s now a trending technology among many top-notch companies like Airbnb, Tesla, and Walmart and has become very popular in the dev community.

Synsoft Global has well-groomed, expert React Native developers that have hands-on experience on several projects in various verticals like Fitness, eCommerce, Logistics, etc. Our early adoption of the React Native technology complemented our prior extensive expertise in building native apps and eased our way to master the technology.

Our team consists of talented React developers, backend developers, dedicated QA personnel, and Project Managers. We abide by simple preset processes and documentation guidelines and promise to convert your concept into a genuine, intuitive product, in minimum time and effort with React Native cross-platform development.

We are offering React Native App Development Services in USA, Germany, Israel, Australia, France, UK, Canada, UAE

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Facilitates rolling out apps for both iOS and Android platforms in a single development effort.


Re-usability and sharing of common code using higher order components, props, hooks, or context is a crucial feature in React.


Synsoft’s expertise in React Native can be judged by the following qualities our team has…

  • Solid knowledge and understanding of JavaScript and the ECMAScript standards.
  • Complete familiarity with React Native’s navigation and state-management libraries like React-Router, Redux, Saga, Thunk, GraphQL and others.
  • Good command over React’s components.
  • Deep understanding of when to use higher order Components, Props, Hooks, and Context and how they facilitate re-use of code or sharing of common logic.
  • Familiarity with using React Dev tools for debugging, ESlint for linting and various testing libraries like Jest and Enzyme.
  • Command over native iOS and Android Development which aids in the cross-platform development as well as deployment.
  • Adherence to good development practices and code re-usability from our extensive strong code base that enables speedy and robust development.

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Apart from React Native, the most well-known cross-platform mobile development tools are: Ionic / Cordova: for hybrid mobile applications development using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It focuses on the UI interactions of the app. Read more about Ionic.

Ionic is engineered to integrate seamlessly with several other frontend frameworks, including React, Vue, Angular, and even with vanilla JavaScript. Our expertise lies in building Progressive Web Apps [PWA] using Ionic with Angular or React while using Cordova to invoke native functionality on a mobile device.

Flutter: Latest in cross-platform development is Flutter - Google’s UI toolkit for building natively compiled applications for Mobile, Web, and Desktop from a single codebase. Xamarin: Powered by Microsoft with C#, Xamarin apps can utilize a shared codebase to create mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.
Several DEV TOOLS are available: Nuclide & Atom: Open-source IDE and text editor for React Native Visual Studio Code: Open-source IDE providing an extension for React Native development environment. React Native Debugger: The official debugger of React Native also comes integrated with Redux dev-tool by default. React dev tools: mostly used to debug Reactjs components it can be used to debug React native code as well. Expo: is a platform for building React Native apps. Several TESTING TOOLS are also available: Jest, Enzyme, Cypress, Karma, Jasmine, Mocha
While hard skills may lay the foundation for the development of any project, it is a developer’s soft skills that will steer the project in the right direction and help in its successful completion. Here are some of the soft skills that one should be looking for in any developer or development team… - Excellent Communication Skills - Problem Solving Capacity - Thirst for learning - Leadership and Team building

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