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The Blockchain

Blockchain is undeniably a field that holds enormous potential and definitely all eyes are currently on it. Blockchain’s de-centralization and distribution of digital information is unique and un-paralleled. Termed as the digital ledger of economic transactions it is not restricted to financial transactions but could apply to virtually anything and everything that needs secure and immutable persistence, whether anonymously or permissioned.


It is an emerging technology and no doubt it will take time before the world realizes the capabilities that it can bring to the table. The technology itself is evolving at a furious rate, to keep up with which is a challenge, we enjoy. After several deep-diving sessions with experts in the field, and a lot of hands-on with the tech, our next step is to forge ahead with the adoption of Blockchain into what we already are experts at doing, …enterprise applications, e-commerce applications, SaaS based applications, …decentralizing these processes for the businesses at hand. We have already worked on a decentralized ride-for-hire system that uses the Ethereum blockchain.


If you are looking for Blockchain Development Services for top notch, de-centralized application development and deployment to public or private blockchains, you’ve reached the right place! Synsoft has expertise in the Blockchain to build powerful decentralized applications.


How can Synsoft help you achieve results…

  • Our Blockchain experts can give live assistance all through the project.
  • We can help understand the relevance and suitability of the decentralized nature of Blockchain to your requirement.
  • We assure the smooth implementation of Blockchain technology to enhance the functionality and security of your application.
  • Leverage from our expertise in building and deploying ICOs, smart contracts, ERC20 tokens.
  • We enable a shorter time-to-market with our reusable code libraries that can be easily customised depending on the requirements.

Our Blockchain Development Services:

  • Developing multi-currency Wallet Services (Web/Mobile/Desktop)
  • Cryptocurrency development…new or based on Bitcoin or Ether.
  • Creating and deploying Smart Contracts with Solidity.
  • Building an ICO
  • ERC20 token creation & deployment
  • Launching a distributed application (DApp) on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Building an Exchange for multiple Cryptocurrencies
  • Integrating with an existing Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Developing a hybrid web application that works with Blockchain
  • Bitcoin mining
  • Private Blockchain Environment using the Ethereum Platform
Developing Multi-Currency Wallet Services (Web/Mobile/Desktop)

If you are looking to implement and provide a wallet service, that can be exposed to your customers, then Synsoft can use its expertise and knowledge in the field to build and deploy a powerful and secure wallet application that operates on the Cryptocurrencies of your choice. We have expertise in building Web Wallets, Multi-currency Web wallets, Mobile and Desktop Wallets.


Under a larger purview of scope, we can involve an integration with existing Exchanges if currency-to-currency Buy/Sell transactions are to be supported. Exchanges like Bitrex and Kraken can be integrated. Or, we can also look into developing our own Exchange that would aggregate data from other exchanges, but transact on its own platform.


Web Wallets:

Although it is not advisable to allow web wallets to store your wallet’s private key, this is what web wallets do. It is mostly used by users to store Wallets holding low volume of cryptocurrencies, while larger volumes are always stored in more secure offline wallets or cold storages.


Synsoft has the expertise to develop a web wallet service and a frontend for an interactive an easy to use web wallet, that you can give your users to Send or Receive digital currency. We can also develop ways to integrate the wallet with e-commerce applications so that users can avail the ease of spending their cryptocurrency on e-commerce platforms.


Mobile Wallets:

Mobile wallets are the most used and handy tools to give your users to store and use their Cryptocurrency. It will integrate with a wallet service in the backend, but the private keys of the users’ wallet will be in their own hands. If Mobile Wallets is part of your requirement, then you have come to the right place as Synsoft has the experience and expertise to develop Mobile wallets for multiple Cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining requires high compute power GPUs. We can help in deploying light-weight as well as Full-nodes, thereby becoming part of the Bitcoin network. The node can be setup for accepting transactions and blocks from other full nodes, validating those transactions and blocks, and then relaying them to further full nodes. But many nodes serve as lightweight clients by only transmitting to the network.



While Bitcoin is a purely financial implementation of the Blockchain in that it gives the world it’s first Cryptocurrency, Ethereum has a lot more to offer. It opens the world to distributed ledgers with smart contracts and tokenization, and Decentralised Autonomous Organizations (DAO). The most astounding difference being that the Ethereum Blockchain can be used to validate and represent the owner of any property or asset, securely and forever.


As mentioned on the, and quoted as follows…


“Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference…”

Solidity – a language to program the smart contracts for Ethereum, is used to transform the business rules into smart contracts on to the blockchain. We can also go on to create a DAO which is virtual organization where members can vote on issues.


Initial Coin Offering or ICO Development

ICO is a way a cryptocurrency based firm reaches out to investors and raises a certain amount of money to start and expand the company. For this they need to have in place a Business White Pape which talks of the details of the project, how it will roll out, and the logical prediction of the benefits on completion.
Synsoft can be your partner in ICO development. We can convert your business rules to efficient Smart Contracts, building ERC20 tokens. We use the Truffle Framework to develop ICO applications on Ethereum. It helps in managing contract artifacts, custom deployments, library linking and complexities in Ethereum development.


The ICO solution needs to handle the necessary Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements, including KYC (Know Your Customer), required to launch your ICO around the world. With our extensive knowledge, we can make this part of your ICO a whole lot easier.


Blockchain is for you if…
  • You need a high-security, de-centralized transaction database.
  • Your application needs a shared write access and the users are not trusted or known.
  • You need to de-centralize the control in your application, throwing it open to the public consensus, whilst keeping the data secure and tamper-proof.
  • You need transparency and permanence of data.
  • You need your data to be shared only across your enterprise application users, securely and tamper proof, then a Private Blockchain might be for you.
  • You need an easy and efficient mechanism that allows secure transfer of assets between parties.
  • There are too many complexities in your trade due to multiple parties/companies interacting and transacting within it.

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