Data Analytics and Visualization

BI, Data Analytics & Data Visualization

Interactive Dashboards
Track, analyze and monitor key business metrics while interacting with data.

Advanced Reporting
View a comprehensive snapshot of business operations at the micro and macro level.

Data Collation
Organizing data from diverse locations to generate better insights on market trends

Insightful Data
Visualizing data to give insights that help make smarter decisions.

Powerful BI Tools
Using tools like Tableau or Lookr makes data visualization simpler, smoother, and extensive.

Effective Use of Data
Exploring and using data creatively to outperform competition.

With the incursion of high volumes of data in an organization, comes the need to leverage from it and, consume it for a wider purpose. As the data grows exponentially, it demands data management solutions that simplify further processing and utilization.


Data Management

Data Management Skills are critical for management and usage of large information in an enterprise. Synsoft has extensive data management skills that facilitate data analytics and visualization solutions for enterprises.

The following skills helps us in successful data management…


Mastering Database DesignMastering Database Software:

Navigating database software is a defining strength in accessing and managing data. Expertise in database operating tools help us in optimising data manipulation processes like search, sort, review, edit, and other functions. Having a good knowledge of the available tools, writing queries and reports using them, exporting data into various formats for further analysis, are some of the steps that leverage from our deep understanding of databases.


Data integrityData Integrity:

In its broadest form, data integrity refers to the accuracy and consistency of data stored in a database. To ensure data integrity we must first understand the data definitions, data sources and the application guidelines.  Reviewing data and working in collaboration to ensure that the data is accurate and clean is a critical step of data management. Also, it is as important to be aware of potential weaknesses in the data, while analyzing or using it.


DB Architecture designDatabase Architecture & Design:

Long standing experience on database design and management, gives us a deep understanding of core database concepts, along with benefits and shortcomings of various types of databases, whether centralized, cloud based, distributed, or personal, and relational, network, or document dbs. We have worked on various RDBMSs like MS SQL Server, MySQL, etc., as well as document DBs like MongoDb, DynamoDb.


Data Analytics and Data Visualization:


Leveraging from the benefits of our strength in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics and willingness in exploring and using data creatively, can become key to outperforming your competition. Today, adherence and effective use of business intelligence and analytics differentiates between companies that succeed and companies that fail in the modern ecosystem.


AnalyzingData Analytics Data:

Times are evolving and becoming more competitive in every sector of business. Analysing data involves the ability to understand and use data effectively, looking at summaries and patterns and applying it to improve processes and strategies with an accurate knowledge of the goals of the program and the target audience.



Visualizing Data:

With the humongous data getting generated day by day, it becomes crucial for enterprises to leverage this data in the right way and get insights that help make smarter decisions. Manual sifting through relevant information and reviewing lengthy excel sheets can be a tiresome task. With BI and Data Visualization tools, like Tableau, YellowFin, Lookr, etc., help enterprises remodel strategies by giving easy and extensive visual penetration into the historic data.



Use Cases:

  • Dashboards & Reports, to get real time advanced analytics of the data,
  • Comprehensive snapshot of business operations, at macro and micro level,
  • Ad hoc reporting for quick data referencing and monitoring
  • Collating data from diverse locations to generate better insights on market trends
  • Automating reporting functionality to overcome manpower limitations in generating predictive reports and associated analysis
  • Interactive reporting to understand customer behaviour