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Design is not how things looks, but rather how things work – Steve Jobs


Synsoft ’s team of creative minds, have the inclination to create visually appealing, seamless user experiences, that enhance usability and engagement.


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We believe that design is everything that affects the end user. Creating clean, intuitive, friendly, user interfaces, wrapped in trendy, innovative designs, that render beautifully on all devices, is the mantra of our design team. A well designed and well executed user interface is crucial in bridging the gap between the human brain and the digital application.




Conceptualizing ideas into a storyboard of events, interactions, and transitions in an artistic endeavour to create a coherent and flawless experience, is the aim of our UX/UI Team. This requires not just technique but a design acumen that shows in our work. For your creative thoughts hire storyboard UI UX design company.



If we talk about technique, the trend of the day, and another feather in our hat, is frontend technology stacks like..

Being a design and development company, we leverage from our experience in these frontend technologies to bring exceptional interactivity and intuitiveness into complex, multifaceted websites.


We offer expert Web & Mobile Design services through our experienced, creative team Hire UI/UX web design company India.


UI/UX Design for Web Applications

Designing the UX & UI or User Experience and User Interfaces, is an integral part of any Web Application. Web being an integral component of any marketing strategy today the web presence of your business becomes the critical cog in the engine. Effective, interactive, and high performing Websites are the result of thoughtful and thorough design.


What Web Design Constitutes?

  • Project Research
  • Experience Mapping
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Visual design & Style Guides
  • UX Audits & Analysis
  • Branding, Illustration & Identity
  • Storyboarding


UI/UX Design for Mobile Apps

When it comes to designing the user experience for mobile apps, Synsoft aims to incorporate the most effective approach for designing the app user flow and behavior. The foremost intention is to achieve a concrete understanding of the concept and the underlying psychology. Intertwining the understanding with a consistent philosophy and UX best practices helps Synsoft deliver the finest UX / UI for your mobile needs.


What drives Mobility Design?

  • Concept Study
  • Market Research
  • Competition Analysis
  • USP Concepting
  • Experience Mapping
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Branding & identity


Hire UI/UX Web Design Company India


Industry Experience

At Synsoft we plan, design and implement user interfaces for various industry verticals. Our Mobile Application design team has successfully driven projects in industry verticals like travel, health, social media, enterprise, education and fitness.


It’s not exactly news, but yet important to mention that the success rate of a product largely sways based on the user experience it offers. Award-winning experience designs have often been achieved by incorporating the right mix of intelligence, usability engineering, inspirational interaction, intuitive design and conceptualized functionality into the product design.


Interactions such as gesture control and voice control find their place in almost all mobile apps of these times. IOT and NFC is fast becoming a part of regular life. Eye movements, facial recognition, are fast taking their rightful place in the trendiest of products.


UX Strategy

Our ever-evolving design studio helps us deliver groundbreaking digital solutions and compelling user experiences across all channels. Synsoft’s strategy is to look for change and leverage from it. UX/UI has never stayed too long in one place. By that I mean it is a continuously evolving field in terms of expectations and possibilities. Every new concept potentially gives rise to many more possibilities and hence the exponential growth in both demand and technology. We strategize to make this very characteristic our strength by maintaining the following approach…


  • Ever-evolving Adaptive Team
  • Deep Market Research
  • Conceptual & Psychological Analysis
  • Innovative Approach
  • Impressionable and Sensitive Designing
  • Importance to Detail
  • Perceptive Prototyping
  • Continuous Review and Validation
  • User Acceptance


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How to make the Best UX Designs?


Requirement Analysis

Dissecting, analysing and understanding the requirements helps us to equip ourselves to design better. Achieving the product / project goals in only one of the aims. An in-depth study ensures an effective, seamless and perceptive product. This process helps us to be very specific, unambiguous and clear about what is to be delivered. It entails…


  • One-to-one discussions with the client
  • Business / industry / background understanding
  • Usability goals



Research helps us to study the ground level facts of the target area. It helps us build around the fundamental idea of the app, identifying assumptions, commonalities and peculiarities across the target audience. At this level it is critical to recognize their needs and goals. It corroborates our work, substantiates our understanding and justifies our decisions.

  • End-user demographics
  • Analyse primary target users
  • Investigate the market strategy
  • Carry out surveys
  • Develop mental models


Prototype & Wire-frame

Prototypes & wire-frames start with certain decisions and help explore ideas before implementing them by creating an interactive design visual of the product. It aims to design the logical flow of the application, and defines the inputs and the outputs in between.

  • Lay down the assumptions
  • Flow diagram
  • Design the layout & interaction
  • Design the content structure
  • Receive feedback for the design prototype
  • Evaluate the assumptions, and the complete prototype
  • Formulate the ground rules for implementation


Visual Design

Visual design is what connects the app to the end user, and a responsible visual design draws the user’s attention to the functionality and it’s every detail in a simple, non-overwhelming way. A design must engage the users subtly, by prioritizing the tasks on the view by way of size, color, white space, attention grabber icons, animations, etc.


  • Define the style guide
  • Collaborate with visual designers
  • Get feedback from user personas
  • Define component interactions & behavior

UI Development

  • Define and decide UI Architecture Frameworks
  • Theme/Layout creation
  • Design cycle iterations with client
  • UI Integration (Create Pages/Content)
  • Standard Compliance (W3C, WCAG, Accessibility)
  • SEO Compliance
  • Browser & Platform Compatibility
  • Mobile Device Compatibility

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