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Angularjs Development is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. For building incredible user experiences into high-end web applications we use Angular widely. Synsoft has created several working applications leveraging from its several excellent features. Some are like Declarative UI, Simplified MVC Pattern, Easy Testing, etc., which are a boon to programming. We understand how Angular’s stateful, two-way binding makes it an ideal frontend framework for reactive, high-performance Websites.

Be it simple portals or complex enterprise solutions. Be it real-time solutions, or data-streaming apps, we have developed reliable and scalable applications using Angular in the frontend. We have developed several niche websites that carry a mark of excellence using our Angularjs development expertise. It gives businesses scalability and value.

Synsoft Global is a leading AngularJS development agency that specializes in crafting high-performance web solutions using this powerful JavaScript framework. Our team of skilled developers has extensive experience in AngularJS website development, delivering cutting-edge web applications that provide an exceptional user experience.
With our expertise in Angular rapid application development, we ensure quick turnaround times, cost-effective solutions, and seamless integration with other technologies. Our agile development approach allows us to create customized AngularJS applications that meet your unique business requirements.

If you are looking for an excellent Web presence for your business, we can be your digital partner in this endeavor. Send us a note and we will get back to you.

We are offering Angularjs Development Services in USA, Germany, Israel, Australia, France, UK, Canada, UAE

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Progressive Web Application development using Angular to build mobile-first user experience.


Sophisticated, fast-running websites built as Single Page Applications, using Angular in the frontend

Why Us
  • We are a team of expert Angular developers and industry veterans, working on innovative web solutions.
  • Have a deep understanding of frontend technologies in building interactive user interfaces and real-time apps.
  • Well versed in using many Angular libraries like Material, Bootstrap, Angular2-jwt, Cloudinary, Charts, Moment, Pipes, etc.
  • Rapid development that leverages from our extensive, reusable knowledge-base.
  • Proven experience in delivering high-performing, scalable applications across a spectrum of industries.
  • Full-stack developers providing all associated services like Backend/API development in various server-side technologies like Node.JS, PHP, or .Net required to make a complete solution.
  • Good understanding of asynchronous programming and its workarounds
  • Extensive portfolio of Angular applications under our belt

    Partner with Synsoft Global to leverage our expertise in AngularJS development and create web applications that stand out in today’s competitive digital landscape. Contact us now to discuss your project requirements and let us bring your ideas to life!

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Working with Angular has some visible advantages such as:
  • Provisions state-fullness and two-way data binding
  • Supports code re-usability
  • Helpful in building large scale web applications
  • Has a large and thriving ecosystem
  • Active support and huge community
  • 02
    AngularJS is the earliest version while Angular is the umbrella term used for all new versions 2+ and here are some major differences between the two:
    • AngularJS is based on JavaScript, whereas Angular is based on TypeScript.
    • Both have different architecture. Angular uses a hierarchy of components whereas AngularJS uses terms of scope and controller.
    • Angular offers standard directives which are used differently, AngularJS instead offers the option of using existing directives or customizing new ones.
    We use industry-standard project management tools like Jira, Trello, Slack, Asana, etc. through which clients can track and review the productivity of the team. Clients can also create tasks, assign work, communicate and monitor the development progress.

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