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Many robust scalable applications are nowadays built in Node.js, the popular JavaScript framework for server-side applications. Its Event-driven architecture, small learning curve, and easy availability of built-in libraries have made it Synsoft’s preferred technology of choice for building high performing, real-time web applications. We have leveraged from its non-blocking, event-driven I/O to create lightweight applications efficient in the face of data-intensive applications running across distributed devices.

At Synsoft Global, our expertise in NodeJS framework has involved building Rest APIs, creating complete web applications across a spectrum of industries like Real Estate, Retail, Fitness, Food, Discovery Apps, and also Gaming apps.

We also have experience in Blockchain applications development using Node.JS.

With teams proficient in many allied stacks like database design in MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server, in web technologies like Node JS, Angular, React JS, Vue JS and in Mobile technologies for the Android and iOS, Synsoft can be your complete software development provider.

We are offering NodeJS Development Services in USA, Germany, Israel, Australia, France, UK, Canada, UAE

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Node Js offers unprecedented support for Web Applications with Real-time, two-way connections.


The MEAN/MERN stack enables using a single language environment for developing web apps.

  • We understand sever-side programming as a whole.
  • Have experienced and expert Node Js programmers
  • Experience in using many of Node.js Frameworks like Express, Hapi,, Sails, Meteor
  • Proficient in building RESTful APIs and GraphQL
  • Good understanding of asynchronous programming and its workarounds
  • Extensive portfolio of Node Js applications under our belt
  • As back-end developers, we have expertise in understanding business processes and designing suitable database schema.
  • Knowledge in front-end design such as HTML5, CSS3 and front-end technologies like React and Angular helps.
  • Re-usability of our extensive knowledge base that enables rapid and robust development

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Firstly, Node.js is an interpreted language and Google’s V8 JavaScript engine that complies with the JavaScript code directly into the machine code makes it extremely efficient and fast.
    Secondly, the speed is enhanced by the JavaScript runtime environment as it supports non-blocking I/O operations through callback-based asynchronous IO. For web apps that spend most of their time waiting on network or database connections, this can be a lot more efficient.
Node.js supports all kinds of databases whether relational database or NoSQL database. However, NoSQL databases like MongoDB are the best fit with Node.js. Others like Redis, CouchDB are also supported. So are MySql, SQL Server, and SQLite.
We mostly use Git, Microsoft Team Foundations System, or BitBucket for version control. We also use GitLab, CircleCI, Jenkins for continuous integration, and continuous delivery of code.

So Far

With a demonstrated history of success, we pride ourselves in offering valuable digital solutions for over a decade. Our time-proven processes in remote and offshore working has earned us clients and projects from around the world. Seamless communication practices and effective modes of information exchange have played a critical role in our success.

We began with Web technologies & Mobility and progressed into Cross-platform development, Hybrid technologies, Frontend stacks, Cloud solutions, and DevOps. Recently we have diversified into Blockchain, IoT and Data.

Inspired by challenging ideas and evolving technology stacks and driven by our passion for creating innovative solutions as a mobile and website development company, we continue to move forward with empathy and enthusiasm whilst providing excellence in services!

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