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With our expertise in building Progressive Web Applications we can add a multitude of advantages to your business…

  • many folds improvement in load and installation speed
  • more than 50% increase in mobile traffic
  • increase in average conversions
  • increase in average session time
  • increase in page views and total engagement
  • lower the bounce rate when compared to that of mobile websites

  • PWA or Progressive Web Application is an emerging technology that enables web applications to run across all platforms and mobile devices. Developed with standard web technologies and topped with the latest JavaScript features, PWA’s are ultra-fast pages that enhance the user experience, improve engagement, and increase conversion rates. We at Synsoft as the expert PWA development company develops PWAs using React, Angular, Vue, or Ionic. PWAs has helped us overcome the shortcomings that responsive web pages faced when compared to native mobile apps. Having a core team of master JavaScript developers in React, Angular, and Vue, and hybrid technologies like Ionic and Cordova, Synsoft has seamlessly climbed the PWA bandwagon.

    We are offering PWA Development Services in USA, Germany, Israel, Australia, France, UK, Canada, UAE

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PWAs are web apps and work seamlessly on the Mobile and the Web


Provides advanced UX by combining the look & feel of native mobile apps with website performance


With its core team of JavaScript developers, Synsoft has gained rich expertise in developing high-performance PWA’s using latest frontend tech stacks like Ionic, React, Angular or Vue. The following characteristics keeps us on top of the competition…

  • Core expertise in JavaScript frameworks like Ionic, React, Angular, Vue
  • Good understanding of the PWA design patterns
  • Expertise in building PWAs from scratch
  • Experience in migrating existing web applications to PWAs
  • Expert designers who understand the mobile-first approach
  • Experienced web and native mobile developers to help build PWAs that tap into both platforms.
  • Full-stack developers to complement the PWA expertise.

Hire The Best Dedicated PWA Developers and Development Company in India

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There is an open-source tool by Google called Lighthouse that can audit any web app for a list of PWA features. It has a set of metrics that guide in building a PWA. Lighthouse is available as a Chrome extension for Chrome 52 (and later) and a command-line tool. Amongst other things, Lighthouse tests if your app:
  • Can load in offline or flaky network conditions
  • Loads relatively fast
  • Is served from a secure origin
  • Uses certain accessibility best practices
Yes, we can upgrade an existing web application to a PWA. We can not only make it mobile-friendly by following PWA design patterns but can also add amazing new web features like push notifications, offline working and we can make them installable.
  • If you have an existing application that you want to convert to a PWA, write to us.
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    While AMP reduces the page load time, PWA pages is best at giving a mobile experience to your website AMP greatly enhances discoverability with the help of carousel in Google search results while PWA wins in enhancing engagement through features like push notifications, offline mode, etc. But the best of both can be used together in one app. Read more.

    So Far

    With a demonstrated history of success, we pride ourselves in offering valuable digital solutions for over a decade. Our time-proven processes in remote and offshore working has earned us clients and projects from around the world. Seamless communication practices and effective modes of information exchange have played a critical role in our success.

    We began with Web technologies & Mobility and progressed into Cross-platform development, Hybrid technologies, Frontend stacks, Cloud solutions, and DevOps. Recently we have diversified into Blockchain, IoT and Data.

    Inspired by challenging ideas and evolving technology stacks and driven by our passion for creating innovative solutions as a mobile and website development company, we continue to move forward with empathy and enthusiasm whilst providing excellence in services!

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