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Synsoft Global’s Website and Mobile App Testing Team works with a test-it-to-break-it attitude. Our aim is to keep a check on whether the product or service being developed is meeting the specified requirements and standard of execution. We encourage and enforce the widely recognized understanding that the QA/testing team should get involved early in the life cycle of the product, taking part especially in the required review process. We have technical people on the QA team that help us with white box testing.

Along with white box app testing services and test servers, Synsoft also maintains an array of the latest smartphone devices, tablets, etc, to support real-time, mobile app testing. Our processes include design testing, functional testing, and compatibility testing.

We also specialize in VOIP QA which plays a key role in the roll-out of next generation voice communications. Synsoft Global is one of the major providers of VOIP Software Testing Services.

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Testing the behavior of the product and ensuring that the actual output matches the expected output


Testing done with a knowledge of the internal structure, design, and implementation.

VOIP Testing

At Synsoft, we provide software and appliance offerings to test manage and monitor networked systems.

We are VOIP software testing company engaged in black-box testing in the following ways:

  • Audio Quality: To test the audio quality of voice transfer during calls against set standards.
  • Video Quality: To test the video output of the products in order to ensure good quality of video transfer.
  • Traffic Flow: To monitor the flow of traffic in order to ensure the use of proper protocols during the flow of traffic.
  • Basic User-Interface: We test the products to ensure user-friendliness and ease-of-use of the user interface.
  • Media Recording: The products are tested to ensure that the files transferred from one user to another are correctly transmitted and received without any damage on the other side.
  • Zero Configurations: To test products to determine the basic system requirements for using them.
  • USB Integration: To test products to determine which USB based peripherals can be integrated with the product.
  • Voicemail: To test products to ensure proper recording, saving and playback of voice mails.
  • Other activities include testing of Transfer & Conference, Stress Testing, and testing behavior behind different firewalls.
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