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Synsoft is a leading Ethereum Blockchain development company and has developed decentralized applications for clients in USA, Europe and UAE. If you want to outsource blockchain development, Synsoft Global can be your offshore blockchain development partner.  We are a top rated Blockchain development company in India.


  • Live Consultancy: Investigating the relevance of decentralization as a solution for the business at hand
  • Developing a Solution: Identifying and Implementing on a suitable blockchain platform
  • Customization: Creating customized applications, creating wallets, and other basic blockchain processes.
  • Quality Assurance: Testing the solution with security topmost on our mind.
  • Going Live: Deploying the solution to the live Blockchain.

Throw us your idea and we will definitely get back to you with a POC that will help pilot your market before you invest further in it. Our dedicated blockchain developers can quickly create a Proof of concept or a minimum viable product (MVP) for you. Hire a dedicated blockchain developer from our team of expert blockchain developers, and you will be hiring from the top blockchain development company of India.

We offer Ethereum Blockchain & IoT Development Services in USA, Germany, Israel, Australia, France, UK, Canada, UAE

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Developing secure Wallet Applications for the Web, Desktop, and Mobile for various Blockchains.


Creating Coins & Tokens and building a Cryptocurrency exchange or integrating with an existing one.

Why Us

Synsoft Global’s dedicated ethereum developers have earned a global nomination as a top blockchain technology company at Good Firms. Read More.. Our experience:

  • Blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Stellar, EOS, Polygon, Hyperledger Fabric, Tezos, IPFS, etc..
  • Multi-currency wallet services (web/mobile/desktop)… Are you looking to provide your Customers with a Wallet service for Cryptocurrencies of your choice? Synsoft Global can help you do just that, with its expertise in building and deploying powerful and secure Crypto Wallet Applications on Mobile and Web.
  • Experience on Crypto-Exchanges (Bitrex, Kraken), Smart Contracts, ICO/STOs & DApps development on the Ethereum Blockchain or any EVM using Solidity.
  • Read our case study on Stellar.
  • Our experience in this domain ranks us as a leading Blockchain & IoT development company in India. If you hire from us, you will hire the best Blockchain Developers in India, USA.
  • As a leading blockchain development company of India, our work includes applications on the Blockchain, like ICOs/STOs, Coins & Tokens, Vesting & Staking, Crypto Wallet Applications, Crypto Payments for eCommerce applications, Use of Open-vote protocol for Quiz apps on Ethereum, etc.
  • Hire dedicated Ethereum Developers from us, for your upcoming DApp project

Hire Best Dedicated Ethereum Blockchain Developers in India

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Our Happy Clients in 15+ Nations are our Pillars of Success.


There are 5 different kinds of Cryptocurrency wallets:
  • Hardware Wallets - are cold wallets and the safest. As the name suggests, these are hardware devices built specifically for handling private keys and public addresses. Example: Trezor
  • Paper Wallets – users just print their private keys and/or public addresses on paper. This can be considered safe as it is a disconnected way of storage, but only if the paper is kept securely.
  • Desktop Wallets - installable software wallets available for most Cryptocurrencies on most platforms such as Mac, Windows, Linux.
  • Mobile Wallets – are the most used wallets today because of their ease of use. Most popular cryptocurrencies have mobile wallets compatible with both Android and iOS.
  • Web Wallets - are termed as hot wallets as they are always connected to the Internet. They can be accessed via most browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. The private keys of Web wallets might be held on the web servers in some wallets and in the user’s browser itself in others. But these wallets are vulnerable to thefts.
Both are public ledgers that record transactions. They share several cryptographic functions underlying the blockchain technology. Both blockchains currently use the Proof of Work consensus algorithm, although Ethereum plans moving to a Proof of Stake system very soon. Their block times and hashing algorithms are also different. Bitcoin was the first blockchain and has therefore been vastly adopted as a fair payment settlement solution. Ethereum was developed to address the demands that Bitcoin created due to its limitations. Ethereum supports a Turing-complete language called Solidity for creating smart contracts that make the platform much more than a payment solution.
Gas is a means to pay for every operation performed on the Ethereum Blockchain. Transaction cost is calculated based on the Gas used and the Gas price.

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