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For every mobile app that intends to have a large user base, Android would be the place to start. Being open-source, Android is available for carriers, OEMs, and developers to turn their innovative ideas into a reality. With its multi-layered security, it is flexible enough to support an open platform while still protecting the users of the platform.

In a constantly booming Android market, Synsoft Global, a top-notch Android app development company in USA, pledges to meet the challenging needs of its diverse client base. Having a cross-section of project domains under our wing, we are a one-stop solution provider servicing clients from several countries. Our strength is our dexterous mobile development team, which focuses on building smart and unique Android app solutions, harnessing the flexibility delivered by this platform in creating robust mobile applications. Being a recognized android application development company our success through the growing competition and market demands undoubtedly come due to the quality of our work, but equally because we are a full-stack mobile app development company, working from conceptualization, design, and development (on both mobile platforms), to testing and deployment of applications. We enjoy the complete support of our backend developers for REST APIs and the thorough testing provided by our qualified QA team.

We are offering Android App Development Services in USA, Germany, Israel, Australia, France, UK, Canada, UAE


Creating high performance, seamless, friction-free Android apps for your business


Smart design and smooth transitions that create engaging business stories.


Business owners engage more with customers with mobile commerce.


Synsoft is a one-stop solution provider for building online marketplace with robust, scalable backend.


Building location sensitive mobile Apps that use the device’s GPS and Google APIs


Creating proximity-based experiences to make apps and devices work smarter with timely, contextual information

Why Us

We are a Mobile Application Development Enterprise, focusing on delivering complex business apps with a distinctive user-experience.Here’s why we are the right choice for Android development…

  • Proficiency in Java Programming and the Android SDK
  • Hands on experience in Android Studio, interacting with APIs and third-party services.
  • We understand the importance of good design and are well-versed with Material Design.
  • Experienced in integrating cloud services like Firebase for APIs and as a data store in the cloud.
  • We have our repository of well-tested, re-usable code that follows best practices. This expedites our development process considerably.
  • Using version control systems like git, bitbucket, and continuous integration tools like Jenkins, Gitlab, CircleCI.
  • Qualified QA team with access to a horde of devices for testing at all levels.
  • Worked across several domains like Fitness, Health, Medicine, Finance, Cryptocurrency, Lifestyle, and more

Hire The Best Dedicated Android Developers and Development Company in India


Cost Saving

Cost Saving

Fast Turn-Around

Fast Turn-Around

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Skilled Workforce

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Communication Skills

Hire in 48 Hrs

Hire in 48 Hrs

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Strict NDA

Our Happy Clients in 15+ Nations are our Pillars of Success.



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Why and how can we protect the source code before an Android app is deployed?

Although the Android OS has lots of built-in security measures, attackers can severely compromise Android apps if they are able to get the source code. Before we publish an app, it is recommended to use the tool called ProGuard, which is included in the Android SDK, to obfuscate and minify source code. Android Studio automatically includes ProGuard in the build process if the buildType is set to release.
Commonly used image loading libraries include Glide and Picasso. While Glide focuses on smooth scrolling Picasso supports complex image transformations, automatic caching to disk and ImageView recycling. The most popular and powerful library for displaying videos is ExoPlayer.It provides an alternative to Android’s MediaPlayer API for playing audio and video both locally and over the Internet.
Latest trends in mobile app development suggests the use of cross-platform technologies to improve speed to market and reduce cost of development. React native is one of the most popular cross-platform technologies being used today. Next in line are hybrid technologies like Ionic and Cordova that are becoming more and more popular with the rise of the PWA. Xamarin (C#), a Microsoft technology is also used as it is especially easy to adopt for .Net developers. We offer expertise in native as well as all cross-platform and hybrid technologies, and we believe different tech stacks fill different needs. We will be happy to discuss with you as to which platform is a better fit for your team
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