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HIPAA compliant storage of patient’s health records and medical history is a critical part of health-based applications.
Scheduling of appointments with clinics or hospitals considering availability and specialty desired, followed by reminders and follow-ups.
Wearable devices track daily activities like walking, running, and even sleeping in order to create awareness and motivation.
Fitness mobility apps most often provide synchronization with multiple wearable devices like Fitbit in order to increase their customer base.
Bringing the services of medical experts from across the world to patients, online, through scheduled and timed video calls and chats.
The electronic medical records(EMR) & electronic health records(EHR) designed to share data so other healthcare providers can access patient’s healthcare data.
Wearable devices or Temperature scanners can gather patient’s temperature and send the data to health monitoring apps for evaluation.
Allowing healthcare providers access to patient’s health insurance plan to enable payment processing and planning


  • Patient Profile
  • Appointments Schedule & Follow ups
  • Activity Tracking
  • Multi-device synchronization
  • Online Consultation, Call & Chat
  • Health Information
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Health Insurance Integration

Health & Fitness USE CASES

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Telemedicine Apps

Access to expert Medical Opinion online from around the world, sitting at home

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Prescription & Medical Reports Management

Everything from the Doctor’s desk, laboratory and pharmacy in the patient’s hand.

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Fitness Training Apps

Subscription based online fitness training programs for daily exercise & food regimes



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