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One of the most used technology for cross-platform mobile development is Xamarin. Its success can be attributed to the prominence of C#. In the recent years, we observed a sharp rise in the demand for cross-platform development, and understandably so, because not only do consumers expect it to be a huge effort saver, but also because it has grown into a mature technology. Synsoft has created several mobile applications in Xamarin and continues to work on more. Our portfolio includes mobile apps for a multi-brand eCommerce company, deals redemption apps, personal task manager, employee task management, and more. An early engagement with this technology has proven undoubtedly beneficial for our mobile development team.It’s a perpetually growing, skilled and expert team at Synsoft Global that ranks it as a Top Xamarin Development Company India!

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Xamarin enables developers to target iOS, Android, Windows and Mac with a single, shared C# code base.


As much as 75% of the code like application logic, validations, web service calls can be reused to speed up development.

Why Us
  • We are a team of expert Xamarin developers and industry veterans, working on innovative mobile solutions.
  • Our portfolio in Xamarin Apps extends to eCommerce, SaaSbased apps, Loyalty &QR Code Redemption, Gaming App.
  • We have extensive knowledge in C#, MVVM, and the .Net ecosystem.
  • Our workforce adheres to the best development practices of the industry.
  • Rapid development that leverages from our extensive, reusable knowledge-base.
  • Proven experience of delivering high-performing, scalable applications across a spectrum of industries.
  • Testing in real time to ensure highest quality of deliverables.

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Our Happy Clients in 15+ Nations are our Pillars of Success.


Apps built using Xamarin contain standard, native user interface controls making then not only look the way the end user expects, but behave that way too. Also Apps built using Xamarin leverage platform-specific hardware acceleration, and are compiled for native performance. This can’t be achieved with solutions that interpret code at runtime.
Microsoft Azure helps to create powerful mobile apps in the following ways:
  • Use the Azure App Service to a create the back-end for Android, iOS or Windows mobile apps.
  • Set up a serverless back-end for mobile with Azure Functions and Logic Apps.
  • Build enterprise mobile apps with private PaaS environment in the cloud.
The Xamarin SDKs, Xamarin.Forms, and Mono runtime are open source and available on GitHub.

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