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Tracking drivers, commuters, vehicles, shipments, through GPS-driven mobile apps is a basic feature of all e-hailing apps.
Detects best-suited nearby service providers based on specified location, and notifies them of possible pickup.
Customer’s can specify source and destination locations and the driver can use the app to navigate using the map.
Wallets and various online modes of payments are critical to make the e-hailing service painless and hands-free.
Customer rides and payment history makes for important data for future market analysis and loyalty programs.
In-app communication helps to connect the customer and service provider at critical points of the service like pick-up or drop-off.
Driver and Customer reviews help to encourage good service and optimal behaviorthat are crucial for the success of the service.
Encouraging repeat customers and rewarding them proves to be critical to break through the barriers of competition
Real-time reporting and analytics is useful to managers to make calculated decisionsand predictions regarding market, pricing, and business models.


  • GPS and live tracking
  • Nearby Service detection
  • Pickup and drop-off locations
  • Wallets & Auto-Payments
  • Customer History
  • In-app Chat and Calls
  • Review and Rating
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Report and analytics

e-Hailing USE CASES

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Vehicle Booking Solutions

Booking cars, cabs, motorcycles within a geolocation, with distance calculation and wallets.

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Pet Pick-up/drop-off Services

Pet taxi services for transporting pets to and from daycares and vets or for walks.

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Daily Services

Scheduling of deliveries for grocery or medicines at a pre-fixed interval.

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