The Role of UI/UX Design to Get Your Mobile App in the Top 10!

The Role of UI/UX Design to Get Your Mobile App in the Top 10!

One of the ideas that drives innovation is to “make life simpler”.


Mobile phones have become the obvious tool in our endeavour to make life simpler, and more so because there is a smart phone in every hand, across almost every demography! Exploiting this scenario is the booming mobile applications market!


Ok, so what’s new? We all know that app stores are overcrowded with mobile applications… Apps that claim to bring comfort, convenience and entertainment into our homes.


That’s right! But how many of us know that in this deluge of solutions, there is a very dim chance one has of standing out.

I work at Synsoft Global, a UI UX design expert company in India. My question is …


What can make one application standout among others ?

While the solution that an app claims to provide its consumers is most critical to its success, most often than not there will be more apps that offer similar services. The competition then comes down to the most fundamental driving force of any mobile app…and that is, its…


User Experience & User Interface Design!


A simple yet fulfilling application flow, compounded with a killer design, is the summation of what I am going to explore here in more detail.


Let’s start with User Experience…

UX is the overall, total experience that a user has with the application. It includes…

  • The usability of the app
  • The ease with which the app can be used
  • The navigation of the app

Basically, the UX involves all aspects of a user’s interaction with the app. An efficient UX design aims at balancing between simplicity and usability rendered through the app while ensuring user satisfaction.


Let’s look at the primary attributes of a good User Experience:

  • Fulfils the user’s needs
  • Creates an easy and enjoyable experience
  • Conveys the central idea of the app in a simple and obvious manner
  • Makes the most useful and common actions, easily accessible
  • Breaks down any complex process into a simpler, multi-step flow
  • Does not challenge the habits of users while operating devices/apps
  • Keeps in mind the demographics of the targeted audience
  • Keeps the target market in mind
  • Overcomes faults or deficits seen in competing applications


I have found that prototyping/wireframing is a great way to design the UX. It helps to create the flow and navigation of an app and to picturize the end-user’s experience without indulging into the details of the logic behind it.


Here are some tools that can be used for prototyping…

Sketch, Invision, Balsamiq Mockups, JustInMind, Google Moqups


Let’s move on to User Interface Design

As we have seen, UX ties primarily to the flow and functionality of the app, but it would be validated only with the good support of a suitable User Interface Design.  It is the UI that finally connects with the user’s senses.

Prototypes/wireframes form the basis of the UI.


Here are some factors to keep in mind while designing a good UI:

  • Designed for multiple interfaces
  • Enabling high performance
  • Following latest trends and standards
  • Designed within the constraints of mobile screens
  • Designed with the target user base and market in mind

And we aren’t just talking about a good UI, but a killer UI. That’s what it would take to rise above the competition. A creative designer must have the flair to design interesting and attractive views. While users are always charmed with something new and pleasing, at the same time, one must keep within the boundaries of user habits!

It is vital to comprehend how an engaging UI contributes in making an app popular. UI designers should consider all aspects necessary to please and attract the target audience.


Let’s look at the primary attributes of a good User Interface:

  • Simple and engaging
  • Consistent in colours and fonts
  • Unique and sensitive to its target audience
  • Intuitive and self-explanatory
  • Incorporates user habits while designing actions, gestures and flows
  • Avoids excessive scrolling
  • Finger-friendly designs
  • Keeps the user well informed about the progress of an action
  • Requires a small learning curve
  • Readable and easy on the eyes
  • Less text more pictures
  • Judicious usage of negative space
  • Following latest trends like motion UI, parallax design, Material design, etc.



A good UX adorned with a captivating UI bestows a seamless, engaging experience for the end user. Thus, effective UX & UI design becomes essential for mobile app development. Investing in a talented Design Team increases manifold the chances of a successful product.  Hire Synsoft… hire motion ui ux design company and get your product a chance of getting listed in the top 10.

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